• Perspectives papers

● Multimodal Neural Databases
Giovanni Trappolini, Andrea Santilli, Emanuele Rodolà, Alon Halevy, Fabrizio Silvestri

● Take a Fresh Look at Recommender Systems from an Evaluation Standpoint
Aixin Sun

● Where to Go Next for Recommender Systems? ID- vs. Modality-based Recommender Models Revisited
Zheng Yuan, Fajie Yuan, Yu Song, Youhua Li, Junchen Fu, Fei Yang, Yunzhu Pan, Yongxin Ni

● The Role of Relevance in Fair Ranking
Aparna Balagopalan, Abigail Jacobs, Asia Biega

● How Important is Periodic Model update in Recommender System?
Hyunsung Lee, Sungwook Yoo, Dongjun Lee, Jaekwang Kim

● Metric-agnostic Ranking Optimization
Qingyao Ai, Xuanhui Wang, Michael Bendersky