• Doctoral Consortium papers

● Evaluating Task-oriented Dialogue Systems with Users
Clemencia Siro

● Conversational Bibliographic Search
Markus Nilles

● Multimodal Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction with Retrieval-Augmented Strategy
Xuming Hu

● Neural Architectures for Searching Subgraph Structures
Radin Hamidi Rad

● Quantifying and Advancing Information Retrieval System Explainability
Catherine Chen

● Resilient Retrieval Models for Large Collection
Dipannita Podder

● Defining and Measuring Cost, Effort, and Load in Information Retrieval
Molly McGregor

● Exploring User and Item Representation, Justification Generation, and Data Augmentation for Conversational Recommender Systems
Sergey Volokhin

● Dense Passage Retrieval: Architectures and Augmentation Methods
Thilina Rajapakse

● Large-Scale Data Processing for Information Retrieval Applications
Pooya Khandel

● Towards Trustworthy Recommender System: A Faithful and Responsible Recommendation Perspective
Yang Zhang