June 2021

June 2021, Volume 55 Number 1

Table of Contents

Chair’s Letter
Ben Carterette


Keynote Extended Abstracts

The Web Conference Keynote – AI Grand Challenges: Past, Present and Future
Ganesh Mani


The Information Retrieval Anthology 2021 – Inaugural Status Report and Challenges Ahead
Martin Potthast, Benno Stein, Matthias Hagen

Event Reports

Report on the FIRE 2020 Evaluation Initiative
Parth Mehta, Thomas Mandl, Prasenjit Majumder, Surupendu Gangopadhyay

Report on the CyCAT Winter School on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics (FATE) in AI
Styliani Kleanthous, Jahna Otterbacher, Jo Bates, Fausto Giunchiglia, Frank Hopfgartner, Tsvi Ku, Kalia Orphanou, Monica L. Paramita, Michael Rovatsos, Avital Shulner-Tal

Report on Supporting and Understanding of Conversational Dialogues workshop (SUD 2021) at WSDM 2021
Debasis Ganguly, Gareth J.F. Jones, Procheta Sen, Manisha Verma, Dipasree Pal

Report on the Future Conversations Workshop at CHIIR 2021
Damiano Spina, Johanne R. Trippas, Paul Thomas, Hideo Joho, Katriina Byström, Leigh Clark, Nick Craswell, Mary Czerwinski, David Elsweiler, Alexander Frummet, Souvick Ghosh, Johannes Kiesel, Irene Lopatovska, Daniel McDuff, Selina Meyer, Ahmed Mourad, Paul Owoicho, Sachin Pathiyan Cherumanal, Daniel Russell, Laurianne Sitbon

Report on the CHIIR 2021 Third Workshop on Evaluation of Personalisation in Information Retrieval (WEPIR 2021)
Gareth J. F. Jones, Nicholas J. Belkin, Noriko Kando, Gabriella Pasi

Report on the 2nd Workshop on Bridging the Gap between Information Science, Information Retrieval and Data Science (BIRDS 2021)
Ingo Frommholz, Haiming Liu, Massimo Melucci

Report on the 43rd European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2021)
Raffaele Perego, Fabrizio Sebastiani

Report on the ECIR 2021 Discussion Panel on Open Access
Djoerd Hiemstra

Report on the 11th Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval Workshop (BIR 2021)
Ingo Frommholz, Guillaume Cabanac, Philipp Mayr, Suzan Verberne

Report on the 30th The Web Conference 2021 (TheWebConf2021)
Aljaž Košmerlj, Marko Grobelnik, Jure Leskovec

Opinion Papers

Rethinking Search: Making Domain Experts out of Dilettantes
Donald Metzler, Yi Tay, Dara Bahri, Marc Najork

Dissertation Abstracts

Toward a Fairer Information Retrieval System
Ruoyuan Gao

Graph-Based Entity-Oriented Search
José Devezas

Exploring Strategies to Prevent Harm from Web Search
Steven Zimmerman

Effective and Practical Neural Ranking
Sean MacAvaney

Developing Unsupervised Knowledge-Enhanced Models to Reduce the Semantic Gap in Information Retrieval
Stefano Marchesin

Neural Methods for Effective, Efficient, and Exposure-Aware Information Retrieval
Bhaskar Mitra

Increasing trust in complex machine learning systems: Studies in the music domain
Jaehun Kim