TOIS Presentation

Presenting your TOIS paper at a SIGIR-sponsored conference (SIGIR, CHIIR, or ICTIR)

The SIGIR Executive Committee has decided to forge closer ties between ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), which is the “house journal” of SIGIR and the SIGIR-sponsored conferences: SIGIR, CHIIR, and ICTIR. We are excited to announce that authors of papers published in TOIS will be invited to present the work at one of the SIGIR-sponsored conferences.

Since 2017, we are experimenting with this tighter connection between SIGIR, its conferences and its journal: CHIIR 2017 and SIGIR 2017 both include presentations of papers published in TOIS during 2016 (volume 34). In 2018 authors who published a paper in TOIS volume 35 will be invited to present at one of the SIGIR-sponsored conferences.

The process is organized as follows.

  • Publishing a TOIS paper in year N triggers an invitation to present at CHIIR, SIGIR or ICTIR in year N+1.
  • TOIS authors get invited around late August of year N, which is when the yearly TOIS volume has been set.
  • TOIS authors need to provide an indication of their interest to publish by early September in year N and then confirm their interest 1-2 weeks prior to the PC meeting of the preferred conference (year N+1). With this confirmation TOIS authors agree that at least one of the authors of their TOIS paper will (1) register for the conference in due course, (2) attend the conference, (3) and present the paper.
  • Presentations of TOIS papers are blended in with regular papers in a session that makes sense from a content-perspective. The presentation has the same length as regular conference paper slots.
  • Presentations of TOIS papers are clearly marked as such in the program; PDFs of the TOIS papers are made available along with the regular conference papers but TOIS papers are not republished in the conference proceedings.
  • Authors of TOIS papers that are revised conference papers are allowed to participate. Authors of such papers are encouraged to highlight the differences with their original conference paper during their presentation.

The TOIS editorial office manages the process and communicates with Conference Organizers and TOIS authors.