Best Student Paper Awards

The Best Student Paper is presented to the author of the best paper written solely or primarily by a student. These awards are only given in years, where the Best Paper award is not student-authored.

Year Authors Citation
2021 Leigang Qu
Meng Liu
Jianlong Wu
Zan Gao
Liqiang Nie
Dynamic Modality Interaction Modeling for Image-Text Retrieval
2016 Alexey Borisov
Ilya Markov
Maarten de Rijke
Pavel Serdyukov
A Context-aware Time Model for Web Search
2015 Eugene Kharitonov
Aleksandr Vorobev
Craig Macdonald
Pavel Serdyukov
Iadh Ounis
Sequential Testing for Early Stopping of Online Experiments
For a paper that extends sequential statistical testing procedures by adjusting stopping thresholds based on observed log data, and demonstrates how this significantly reduce the time required for online A/B and interleaving experiments.
2014 Dmitry Lagun
Chih-Hung Hsieh
Dale Webster
Vidhya Navalpakkam
Towards better measurement of attention and satisfaction in mobile search
For a paper that addresses the problem of no clicks in answer-like mobile search, demonstrating viewport, measurable at large-scale, as a strong and reliable signal of the quality of a search result, through carefully designed experimentation.
2013 Karthik Raman
Paul N. Bennett
Kevyn Collins-Thompson
Toward Whole-Session Relevance: Exploring Intrinsic Diversity in Web Search
For a paper that addresses the role that search has within a user’s whole information-seeking session, identifying signals in a user’s search session which can help to promote diversity in the results of web search.
2012 Shuzi Niu
Jiafeng Guo
Yanyan Lan
Xueqi Cheng
Top-k learning to rank: labeling, ranking and evaluation
Selected for proposing a novel top-k labeling strategy for efficiently obtaining labeled data for learning to rank in information retrieval and proposing a novel learning to rank method to effectively learn from such a new form of relevance judgments.
2011 Shuang-Hong Yang
Bo Long
Alexander J. Smola
Hongyuan Zha
Zhaohui Zheng
Collaborative Competitive Filtering: Learning Recommender using Context of User Choice
2010 Ioannis Arapakis
Konstantinos Athanasakos
Joemon M. Jose
A Comparison of General vs. Personalized Affective Models for the Prediction of Topical Relevance
2009 Jaime Arguello
Fernando Diaz
Jamie Callan
Jean-Francois Crespo
Sources of evidence for vertical selection
2008 Yuting Liu
Bin Gao
Tie-Yan Liu
Ying Zhang
Zhiming Ma
Shuyuan He
Hang Li
BrowseRank: Letting Web Users Vote for Page Importance
2007 D. Sculley
Gabriel Wachman
Relaxed online Support Vector Machines for spam filtering
2006 Ben Carterette
James Allan
Ramesh Sitaraman
Minimal Test Collections for Retrieval Evaluation
2005 Donald Metzler
Bruce Croft
A Markov random field model for term dependencies
2004 Hui Fang
Tao Tao
ChengXiang Zhai
A Formal Study of Information Retrieval Heuristics
2003 Stefanie Tellex
Boris Katz
Jimmy Lin
Aaron Fernandes
Gregory Marton
Quantitative evaluation of passage retrieval algorithms for question answering
2002 Yi Zhang
Jamie Callan
Thomas Minka
Novelty and redundancy detection in adaptive filtering
2001 Adnike Lam-Adesina
Gareth Jones
Applying Summarization Techniques for Term Selection in Relevance Feedback
2000 Ilmerio Reis da Silva
Berthier Ribeiro-Neto
Pavel Calado
Edleno Moura
Nivio Ziviani
Link-based and content-based evidential information in a belief network model.
1999 Owen de Kretser
Alistair Moffat
Efficient document presentation with a locality-based similarity heuristic
1998 Martin Wechsler
Eugen Munteanu
Peter Schaeuble
New techniques for open-vocabulary spoken document retrieval
1997 Lisa Ballesteros
Bruce Croft
Phrasal translation and query expansion techniques for cross-language information retrieval
1996 Amit Singhal
Chris Buckley
Mandar Mitra
Pivoted length document normalization
1995* Hinrich Schuetze
Jan Pedersen
David Hull
A comparison of classifiers and document representations for the routing problem.
Fast evaluation of structured queries for information retrieval.

* co-winners

Honorable Mentions

Year Authors Citation
2016 Haoran Wang
Chenliang Li
Zhiqian Zhang
Aixin Sun
Zongyang Ma
Topic Modeling for Short Texts with Auxiliary Word Embeddings