SIGIR Test of Time Award

The SIGIR Test of Time Award recognizes research that has had long-lasting influence, including impact on a subarea of information retrieval research, across subareas of information retrieval research, and outside of the information retrieval research community (e.g. non-information retrieval research or industry). The winning paper is selected from the set of full papers presented at the main SIGIR conference 10-12 years before.

The first year this award was given was 2014. Pre-2002 papers that received the award can be found on this page.

SIGIR 2023

Beliefs and biases in web search
Ryen W. White
SIGIR 2013

Honorable Mentions

SIGIR 2022

Modeling the impact of short- and long-term behavior on search personalization
Paul Bennett, Ryen W. White, Wei Chu, Susan Dumais, Peter Bailey, Fedor Borisyuk, Xiaoyuan Cui
SIGIR 2012

Honorable Mention

SIGIR 2021

Exploiting geographical influence for collaborative point-of-interest recommendation
Mao Ye, Peifeng Yin, Wang Chien Lee, Dik Lun Lee
SIGIR 2011

SIGIR 2020

Learning to recommend with social trust ensemble.
Hao Ma, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu
SIGIR 2009

Honorable Mentions

SIGIR 2019

Novelty and diversity in information retrieval evaluation
Charles L.A. Clarke, Maheedhar Kolla, Gordon V. Cormack, Olga Vechtomova, Azin Ashkan, Stefan Büttcher, Ian MacKinnon
SIGIR 2008

Honorable Mentions

SIGIR 2018

Improving web search ranking by incorporating user behavior information
Eugene Agichtein, Eric Brill, Susan Dumais
SIGIR 2006

Honorable Mentions

SIGIR 2017

Personalizing search via automated analysis of interests and activities
Jaime Teevan, Susan T. Dumais, Eric Horvitz
SIGIR 2005

Honorable Mentions

SIGIR 2016

Accurately interpreting clickthrough data as implicit feedback
Thorsten Joachims, Laura Granka, Bing Pan, Helene Hembrooke, Geri Ga
SIGIR 2005

Honorable Mention

SIGIR 2015

Stuff I’ve seen: a system for personal information retrieval and re-use
Susan Dumais, Edward Cutrell, JJ Cadiz, Gavin Jancke, Raman Sarin, Daniel C. Robbins
SIGIR 2003

Honorable Mentions

SIGIR 2014

Beyond independent relevance: methods and evaluation metrics for subtopic retrieval
ChengXiang Zhai, William W. Cohen, John Lafferty
SIGIR 2003

Honorable Mentions

Pre-2002 Recipients