Vannevar Bush Best Paper Awards

Best paper at the JCDL conference (more information)

Year Authors Citation
2017 Nicholas Cole
Alfie Abdul-Rahman
Grace Mallon
Quill: A Framework for Constructing Negotiated Texts – with a Case Study on the US Constitutional Convention of 1787
2016 Martin Klein
Peter Broadwell
Sharon Farb
Todd Grappone
Comparing Published Scientific Journal Articles to Their Pre-print Versions
2015 Pertti Vakkari
Janna Pöntinen
Result List Actions in Fiction Search
2014 Chuck Cartledge
Michael Nelson
When Should I Make Preservation Copies of Myself?
2013 Kazunari Sugiyama
Min-Yen Kan
Exploiting Potential Citation Papers in Scholarly Paper Recommendation
2012 Hongbo Deng
Jiawei Han
Michael R. Lyu
Irwin King
Modeling and exploiting heterogeneous bibliographic networks for expertise ranking
2011 Robert Sanderson
Benjamin Albritton
Rafael Schwemmer
Herbert Van De Sompel
SharedCanvas: A Collaborative Model for Medieval Manuscript Layout Dissemination
2010 David Bamman
Alison Babeu
Gregory Crane
Transferring structural markup across translations using multilingual alignment and projection
2009 Steven Bethard
Philipp Wetzler
Kirsten Butcher
James H. Martin
Tamara Sumner
Automatically characterizing resource quality for educational digital libraries
2008 Catherine C. Marshall From writing and analysis to the repository: taking the scholars’ perspective on scholarly archiving
2007 Shane Ahern
Mor Naaman
Rahul Nair
Jeannie Yang
World explorer: visualizing aggregate data from unstructured text in geo-referenced collections
2006 Carl Lagoze
Tim cornwell
Naomi Dushay
Dean Ecktrom
Dean Krafft
John Saylor
Metadata aggregation and “automated digital libraries”: a retrospective on the NSDL experience
2005 Gordon W. Paynter Developing practical automatic metadata assignment and evaluation tools for internet resources
2004 Mor Naaman
Yee Jiun Song
Andreas Paepcke
Hector Garcia-Molina
Measuring the user’s experience with digital libraries
2003 Barbara M. Wildemuth
Gary Marchionini
Meng Yang
Gary Geisler
Todd Wilkens
Anthony Hughes
Richard Gruss
How fast is too fast?: evaluating fast forward surrogates for digital video
2002 Donna Bergmark Collection Systhesis
2001 Gregory Crane
Clifford E. Wulfman
David A. Smith
Building a Hypertextual Digital Library in the Humanities: A Case Study on London
2000 Joanna L. Wolfe Effects of annotations on student readers and writers
1999 David Bainbridge
Craig G. Nevill-Manning
Ian H. Witten
Towards a digital library of popular music
1998 Catherine C. Marshall Making metadata: a study of metadata creation for a mixed physical-digital collection