This page contains more information retrieval resources that might be of interest.

Old IR literature

Research Prototypes and other software

  • Lemur: Toolkit for language modeling and information retrieval
  • MG: Managing Gigabytes fast search engine
  • Porter Stemmer: stemming algorithm
  • Terrier: A full-text search engine
  • Wumpus: File system search
  • Zettair: A full-text search engine

Evaluation Resources

  • CLEF Initiative: Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum
  • DUC: Document Understanding Conferences
  • FIRE: Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation
  • INEX: INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval
  • MIREX: Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange
  • NTCIR: NII-NACSIS Test Collection for IR Systems
  • ROMIP: Russian Information Retrieval Evaluation Seminar
  • TREC: Text REtrieval Conference

Test Collections


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