June 2008


Volume 42 Number 1

Table of Contents


From the Chair
Liz Liddy, p 1

INEX Reports

Overview of the INEX 2007 Book Search Track (BookSearch ’07)
Gabriella Kazai and Antione Doucet, pp 2-15

Multimedia Retrieval and INEX 2007
Theodora Tskirika and Thijs Westerveld, pp 16-21

Report on the XML Mining Track at INEX 2007
Ludovic Denoyer and Patrick Gallinari, pp 22-28

CIKM Workshop Reports

Advances in Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management
Aparna Varde and Jian Pei, pp 29-35

Report on the 9th International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management (WIDM 2007)
Irini Fundulaki and Neoklis Polyzotis, pp 36-43

ECIR Reports

30th European Conference in Information Retrieval (ECIR ’08)
Iadh Ounis, Ian Ruthven and Vassilis Plachouras, pp 44-46

(Somewhat) Grand Challenges for Information Retrieval
Nicholas J. Belkin, pp 47-54

Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval
Omar Alonso and Hugo Zaragoza, pp 55-58

ECIR 2008 Workshop on Efficiency Issues in Information Retrieval
Roi Blanco and Fabrizio Silvestri, pp 59-62

Workshop Reports

AIR 2006 First International Workshop on Adaptive Information Retrieval
Hideo Joho, Jana Urban, Robert Villa, Joemon M. Jose and C. J. van Rijsbergen, pp 63-66

Information Retrieval Facility Symposium in Vienna
John Tait, p 67

Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web (AIRWeb 2007)
Carlos Castillo, Kumar Chellapilla and Brian D. Davison, pp 68-72

The Fourth Asian Information Retrieval Symposium (AIRS 08)
Hang Li, Wei-Ying Ma, Jian-Yun Nie and Kam-Fai Wong, pp 73-74

Dissertation Abstracts

Supporting Human Memory in Personal Information Management
David Elsweiler, p 75

Beyond Bags of Words: Effectively Modeling Dependence and Features in Information Retrieval
Donald Metzler, p 77


A Large Time-Aware Web Graph
Paolo Boldi, Massimo Santini and Sebastiano Vigna, pp 78-83

Compressed Collections for Simulated Crawling
Alessio Orlandi and Sebastiano Vigna, pp 84-89