Call for Demonstrations

SIGIR is the major annual international forum for the presentation of new research results and demonstration of new technologies for Information Retrieval (IR). SIGIR 2017 will be held in Tokyo, Japan from 7-11 August 2017. The Conference and Program Chairs invite all those working in areas related to IR to submit original proposals for demonstrations for presentation at the conference. SIGIR demonstrations enable presenters to give conference delegates first-hand experience of novel research prototypes or operational systems. A SIGIR demonstration gives the presenters the opportunity to promote their work to leading members of the IR research community, to exchange ideas gained from implementing IR systems with leading researchers, and to obtain direct feedback from expert users. A paper describing each accepted demonstration will be included in the SIGIR 2017 conference proceedings.

What makes a good SIGIR demo?

A good demonstration submission is of interest to a SIGIR audience of active researchers in IR. The submission should both describe and show a novel solution to an existing or new problem in IR. A demonstration submission should address the following questions: What problem does your system seek to address? Who are the target users? How does the submission demonstrate your solution to the problem? What will your demonstration actually show and how does it work? How does your demonstration system compare with existing systems that seek to do the same or similar things? Finally, how, where and when will your technology have a technical or commercial impact?

Demonstration submissions are welcome in any of the areas related to aspects of IR identified in the Call for Full Papers on the SIGIR 2017 website.

Following the change implemented at SIGIR 2016, demonstration submissions to SIGIR 2017 will again have a limit of 4 pages. This makes the “substance” of a demonstration paper to be on par with that of a SIGIR 2017 Short Paper. The allocation of 4 pages to make demonstration papers full Short Papers recognizes the importance of building innovative working systems within the IR research community and encourages the creation of usable artifacts that highlight cutting-edge research. Submissions are expected to fully address the points above, including the scope and focus of the demonstration, its novelty, comparison to existing work, the technologies used to implement the demonstration system, and details of what will actually be demonstrated at SIGIR 2017.

Submission guidelines

Submissions of demonstration papers must be in English and should not exceed 5 pages in SIGIR format (including references and figures). The first 4 pages of the submission should form a full submitted version of the paper describing your demonstration system addressing the questions above. The final fifth page, which will not be published in the SIGIR proceedings, may be used to describe your practical requirements for presenting your demonstration at SIGIR 2017. Wireless network access, along with a table and poster mount backdrop, will be provided for all accepted demonstrations. We cannot guarantee that additional technical or practical requests will be met, and you should make these clear in your submissions. Suitable LaTeX and Word templates for SIGIR are available from the ACM Website (for LaTeX, use Option 2) (use the 2017 ACM Master Article Template). It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the PDF submission has been uploaded successfully. We suggest downloading the PDF after submission to check that it is as you intend it to be viewed for review.

Papers should be submitted electronically via the EasyChair SIGIR2017 demo paper submission site. At least one author of each accepted demonstration must register and attend the conference.

Unlike short and full-paper submissions, authors of demonstration submissions are not expected to take measures to conceal their identity from reviewers. Submissions that are over the 5-page limit (4 page description, 1 page requirements) and incomplete submissions will be rejected without review. Authors should carefully go through ACM’s authorship policy before submitting a paper.

Important Dates (Timezone: Anywhere on Earth)

February 28, 2017 Demo papers due
April 11, 2017 Demo papers notification
August 8-10, 2017 ACM SIGIR 2017, Main Conference

Demo Chairs

Gareth Jones (Dublin City University)
Takehiro Yamamoto (Kyoto University)

Childcare & Nursing Room

A childcare service and nursing room will be available at SIGIR 2017. For more information, please visit /sigir2017/attend/childcare/.