August 9 (Wednesday) 19:30-22:00

Banquet will be held at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, which is located in Bunkyo Area in Tokyo. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is famous for beautiful gardens which were formally established in 1861. You can enjoy wandering through the garden, finding falls, stone lanterns, water mills, traditional wells, a Benkei Bridge, and more, before or during banquet. 

Banquet Venue: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo 1F Ballroom
(10-8, Sekigyuchi 2 chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

banquet map
Large map

Route and Map for Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (pdf)

Before the Banquet

There is a cloakroom near the entrance of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (3rd Floor).

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is famous for its beautiful Japanese gardens. We encourage you to enjoy a little walk there. A garden map is included your conference bag. We recommend you to visit the Three-Story Pagoda (No.1 in the map), Choshubaku Waterfall (No.10), and Benkei Bridge (near No.12).

We will start serving drinks at 5:00pm. But no drinking in the garden please!

During the Banquet

Please bring your badge and a banquet ticket included in your badge. We will collect your ticket at the banquet entrance. NO TICKET, NO ENTRY! The banquet is a buffet with all-you-can-drink. If you want to diversify your choice of drinks, please use the cash bar located at the Foyer. (They only accept cash in Japanese Yen.) There is a special Halal buffet area, separated from the main buffet areas. The banquet will begin with a “kagami biraki”. This is a traditional Japanese ceremony that is believed to foster harmony and good fortune. Please be reminded that you all need to call out “Yoisho”, “Yoisho”, “Yoisho” (repeated three times) in unison in order to help the PC chairs open the sake barrel successfully. NO YOISHO, NO SAKE!

Shuttle Bus Information

From Keio Plaza to Chinzanso:

  • Gather near the 3F Bell Desk (Keio Plaza main entrance) and follow the instructions from the SIGIR 2017 staff to get on a bus. If you are attending the special award session, staff will take you to the 3F Bell Desk.
  • Early buses will leave every 30 minutes starting from16:30 (last early bus:18:00).
  • Regular buses will leave every 10 minutes starting from 18:30 (last bus: 19:00).

From Chinzanso to Keio Plaza (or to JR Mejiro Station, from which you may choose to take the JR Yamanote Line to Shinjuku):

  • Buses will leave every 10 minutes or so starting from 21:30 (last bus: 22:30).

Please make sure to gather at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the departure time. Due to the unprecedented number of registrants this year, there is a possibility that not everyone will get the bus ride. Hurry!

Changing Room Information

for #FuncyAcademics

  • Keio Plaza Hotel (open 15:00-19:30):
    • For Ladies: Dahlia (5F, South Building)
    • For Gemtlemen: Mimosa (5F, Main Building)
  • Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo:
    • 4F, Hotel Building

If you have any inquiries, please come to the SIGIR 2017 registration desk at Keio Plaza or the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo reception.