SIRIP 1: Start-Ups and Beyond

August 10 (Thursday) 11:10-12:30, 42F Fuji

  • [invited] MAPping the Probability of Start-up Success
    David Hawking (Microsoft (Bing))
  • [regular] Search Without a Query – Powering Job Recommendations via Search Index at LinkedIn
    Dhruv Arya (LinkedIn), Ganesh Venkataraman (LinkedIn)
  • [regular] Spotify: Music Access At Scale
    Fernando Diaz (Spotify)
  • [regular] Structuring the Unstructured: From Startup to Making Sense of eBay’s Huge eCommerce Inventory
    Ido Guy (eBay Research), Kira Radinsky (eBay Research)

SIRIP 2: Start-Up Research and Academic Collaboration

August 10 (Thursday) 14:30-15:50, 42F Fuji

  • [invited] Making Ads More Relevant – Innovations in Digital Advertising
    Sudong Chung (Wider Planet, Co. Ltd.)
  • [regular] Traditional IR Meets Ontology Engineering in Search for Data
    Anton Firsov (Knoema)
  • [regular] Semantic Query Understanding
    Ricardo Baeza-Yates (NTENT)
  • [invited] Twicalli: An Earthquake Detection System Based on Citizen Sensors Used for Emergency Response in Chile
    Barbara Poblete (University of Chile)

SIRIP 3: Research at Large-scale Search Engines

August 10 (Thursday) 16:20-17:40, 42F Fuji

  • [invited] Cross-Lingual Information Retrieve in Sogou Search
    Jingfang Xu (Sogou, Inc.), Feifei Zhai (Sogou, Inc.), Zhengshan Xue (Sogou, Inc.)
  • [invited] Find Shoes Like These
    Hideyuki Maeda (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
  • [invited] Machine Learning Powered A/B Testing
    Pavel Serdyukov (Yandex)
  • [invited] Naver Search – Deep Learning Powered Search Portal for Intelligent Information Provision
    Inho Kang (Naver Corporation)