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14–18 March, 2020 August 13–14, 2020 • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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Made to Measure: A Workshop on Human-Centred Metrics for Information Seeking

Website: www.iirmetrics.com


Search engines are predominantly made to measure: The key axis of development in over 40 years of information retrieval research has been improvements in precision, recall, click rates and other technical measures of their performance. From the perspective of understanding human and software as two parts of an interactive, work to understand humans and their needs is a vital part of the whole, and yet this is currently not so widely measured. Human effort, experience and behaviour are all vital elements of interactive information work that would similarly benefit from metrication and measurement.

This workshop aims to understand and diversify what can be measured, and discuss how the measuring might result in real improvements to information interfaces for the human beings that use them. We are interested in search, browsing, serendipity, collection overview, synthesis and any other information work that involves humans working with computers.

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Third Workshop on Evaluation of Personalisation in Information Retrieval (WEPIR 2020)

Website: http://www.ir.disco.unimib.it/wepir2020/


The Third Workshop on Evaluation of Personalisation in Information Retrieval (WEPIR 2020) at CHIIR 2020 will bring together researchers interested in developing methods for the evaluation of personalisation in information retrieval. WEPIR 2020 will build on the successful previous WEPIRs at CHIIR 2018 and CHIIR 2019, and will have a strong emphasis on active participation by workshop attendees. The focus of WEPIR 2020 will be on the exploration of a number of specific uses cases in the evaluation of personalisation in information retrieval. Workshop participants will be assigned to a breakout group to work together on the development of a method to address one of the use cases. Each group will seek to identify specific relevant factors relating to their use case in terms of factors including user activities, data to be collected, ethical issues, and evaluation metrics. Groups will share their findings in a final plenary session. The overall goal of the workshop being to work towards developing a general set of principles and guidelines for addressing the evaluation of specific instances of the use of personalisation in information retrieval tasks.

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Third International Workshop on Conversational Approaches to Information Retrieval (CAIR’20)

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/cair-ws/cair-2020

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