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14–18 March, 2020 August 13–14, 2020 • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Information for Full Paper Presenters

Due to the compressed schedule, we are only able to allocate 12 minutes to each paper – 8 minutes for a recorded video presentation + 4 minutes for “live” discussion (Q&A). During the 4 minutes of Q&A, attendees will be able to (1) raise their hand on Zoom, and (2) submit a question via chat. The assigned Session Chair for each session will moderate the Q&A (e.g., unmute attendees when it is their turn to ask a question).

To prepare for your Virtual CHIIR 2020 presentation, you will need to do the following:

  1. Register for the virtual event at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/chiir-2020-online-tickets-110289892036

    We strongly recommend that authors register as soon as possible. Registration will be limited based on our Zoom capacity. We want to make sure that authors get one of the registration slots.

  2. Record a video presentation to present your paper. The presentation style is up to you, but should reflect the research described in your paper.

  3. Presentations should be rendered into .mp4 files that can be played using either VLC, Windows Media Player, or Windows “Movies & TV” app.

  4. Please check your video to make sure that the sound levels in the recording are good and that all text and figures you display are readable.

  5. Name your file using the following convention: papernumber_yourlastname.mp4 (for example: p123_capra.mp4 You can find your paper number in the acceptance email or by looking for your submission in EasyChair. If you are unsure, please email Orland Hoeber (orland.hoeber@uregina.ca) and we will find it for you.

  6. By July 31, 2020 (AOE), upload your finished video presentation to our Dropbox folder by visiting the following directions at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/UyvefSrx5oZgyX6TtXK7

    Note that you do not need a Dropbox account to use the Dropbox Upload feature. If you access the link without an account, it will ask for your name and email address as part of the upload process.

  7. By uploading the video, you agree that you are granting us permission to play the video at the Virtual CHIIR 2020 event.

  8. If you wish, you may also upload your video to a persistent store or video hosting service (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo). If you do, email Orland Hoeber (orland.hoeber@uregina.ca) with a link to your video and we will include the link on the CHIIR 2020 website.

  9. By August 5, the CHIIR organizers will verify your video and send you a confirmation email.

  10. Please check your presentation date and time. If the assigned time does not work for you, please let us know as soon as possible via an email to Orland Hoeber (orland.hoeber@uregina.ca).

  11. You should plan to be on the Virtual CHIIR Zoom event at the time of your presentation. The Zoom details will be sent to attendees a few days prior to the event.

  12. At your presentation time, the Session Chair will:

Thank you for your support and patience as we organize Virtual CHIIR 2020. We hope that the opportunity to present and answer a few questions will stimulate further off-line conversations about your research.

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