Call for Sponsorship

Call for Sponsors and Exhibitors

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the ACM SIGIR Conference on Computer-Human Interactive Information Retrieval (CHIIR 2023) we would like to invite you to participate in the conference as a sponsor or exhibitor. CHIIR is the leading international forum for human-computer interaction in information retrieval. The human information interaction research presented at CHIIR is foundational for next-generation AI applications.

As a top-tier ACM conference, CHIIR attracts leading researchers and thought leaders from academia and industry. The CHIIR community works at the intersection of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and user interaction with information. Topics include information searching, dialogue frameworks, deep learning, user intention detection, deep semantic understanding, models of human interaction with information, models of types of information interactions, and measurement of user engagement with systems.

CHIIR offers a unique opportunity to connect with scientists developing these next-generation techniques and learn about future research directions. In addition, CHIIR offers the chance to meet and recruit the top PhD students. It is also an excellent venue to promote your organizationā€™s brand to thought leaders with global influence. Sponsors will receive extensive exposure to this community during the conference promotion and during the conference.

We look forward to welcoming you to Austin in 2023 and encourage you to consider the benefits of sponsoring CHIIR 2023.

Scientific Program

The CHIIR 2023 Committee is planning a stimulating program covering five days, with research papers, posters, tutorials, workshops, and social events. The focus is on research and development in human interaction with information systems.

Supporters will benefit from networking in a community dedicated to understanding how humans work with information systems and how to build intelligent interactive information systems. This is foundational for the emerging opportunity to build practical AI systems. It is an area of increasing and intense interest in industry where the frameworks and research approaches to practical systems are in rapid development.

Representative papers presented previously at CHIIR include:

  • A Theoretical Framework for Conversational Search. Filip Radlinski, Nick Craswell (Microsoft)
  • Making Sense of Conflicting Science Information: Exploring Bias in the Search Engine Result Page Alamir Novin, Eric Meyers (University of British Columbia)
  • Large-Scale Analysis of Email Search and Organizational Strategies Kanika Narang, Susan T. Dumais, Nick Craswell, Dan Liebling, Qingyao Ai (Microsoft)
  • Towards Identifying User Intentions in Exploratory Search using Gaze and Pupil Tracking Thomas Low, Nikola Bubalo, Tatiana Gossen, Michael Kotzyba, Andr Brechmann, Anke Huckauf, Andreas NĆ¼rnberger (Otto von Guericke University)
  • A Spoken Dialog System for Coordinating Information Consumption and Exploration Shinya Fujie, Ishin Fukuoka, Asumi Mugita, Hiroaki Takatsu, Yoshihiko Hayashi, Tetsunori Kobayashi (Waseda University)

For the program and updates, please visit:


Delegate Profile

CHIIR is an international conference, and delegates have come from leading universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, the UK, China, Japan, and Australia. In these previous iterations, CHIIR has attracted between 120 (2016) to XXX (YYYY) delegates. (MC: need to update with high water mark.) Ā We expect CHIIR 2023 to attract over 140 delegates.



  • Dates: March 19-23, 2023
  • Location: Austin, Texas, USA


Benefits of Supporting CHIIR 2023

  • Acknowledgement of your organizationā€™s support leading up to and during the conference.
  • Networking opportunities during the conference to promote your products and services to specialists and graduate students.
  • A showcase for your brand in support of researchers in this increasingly important field.
  • An opportunity to establish contacts and strengthen relationships with the leading researchers and institutions from around the world.
  • An opportunity to launch new initiatives, products or services.
  • Access to conference delegates for recruiting and promoting mind share of your organizationā€™s brand.
  • Recruiting opportunities.
  • A place and time for your researchers and management to connect face-to-face with the most influential people in this field in a setting especially conducive to learning and exploration of future opportunities.


Sponsorship Opportunities

There are two types of sponsorship opportunities: general conference sponsorship and targeted sponsorship. All conference sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition as a supporter (with your logo) in the conference program
  • Recognition as a supporter (with your logo) on the supportersā€™ page of the official conference web site, including a hyperlink to the organizationā€™s home page
  • Acknowledgement as a supporter on the official supporter acknowledgement board onsite at the conference.
  • Use of the conference logo until the end of March 2023

General Conference Sponsorship

General conference sponsors benefit from continuous visibility before and during theĀ conference.

Level Donation Free delegates Conference Banner Ā  Acknowledgement Ā  Exhibit Tables Ā  Mentioned in Introduction Ā  Ad in Program Ā  Satchel Insert Ā 
Platinum $5k 1 Y Y 1 Y Full page Y
Gold $3K 0 Y Y 1 Y Full page Y
Silver $2K 0 N Y 0 Y Half page Y
Bronze $1K 0 N Y 0 Y Logo only Y

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsorship opportunities include the standard benefits listed in the Standard Benefits section. Additional sponsorship opportunities include funding of events and other aspects of the conference:

  • Welcome reception: $7,000
  • Poster reception: $12,000
  • Conference banquet: $10,000
  • Lunches: $5,000 (per day)
  • Student Volunteer Program Sponsor (covers cost of registration for 10 student volunteers + tee shirts) $4,000

Sponsorship Procedure

If you wish to participate in CHIIR 2023, please contact us:,