Accepted Works

26 Full and Perspective Papers (39.4%)

Title Authors
An Instrument for measuring users' meta-intents Yuan Ma, Tim Donkers, Timm Kleemann and Jurgen Ziegler
Building a Better Mousetrap: Tools and Processes for Selling Your Company Chelsea Kerr, Alexandra Vtyurina and Adam Roegiest
Consumer Health Information Quality, Credibility, and Trust: An Analysis of Definitions, Measures, and Conceptual Dimensions Jiaying Liu, Yan Zhang and Yeolib Kim
Direct, Orienting, and Scenic Paths: How Users Navigate Search in a Research Data Archive Sara Lafia, A.J. Million and Libby Hemphill
Driven to Distraction: Examining the Influence of Distractors on Search Behaviours, Performance and Experience Leif Azzopardi, David Maxwell, Martin Halvey and Claudia Hauff
Explainable Cross-Topic Stance Detection for Search Results Tim Draws, Karthikeyan Natesan Ramamurthy, Ioana Baldini Soares, Amit Dhurandhar, Inkit Padhi, Benjamin Timmermans and Nava Tintarev
Eyes on Immersive Search: Eye-Tracking Study of Search Engine Result Pages in Immersive Virtual Environments Austin Ward, Bogeum Choi and Robert Capra
Guiding Oral Conversations: How to Nudge Users Towards Asking Questions? Marcel Gohsen, Johannes Kiesel, Mariam Korashi, Jan Ehlers and Benno Stein
How Data Scientists Review the Scholarly Literature Sheshera Mysore, Mahmood Jasim, Haoru Song, Sarah Akbar, Andre Kenneth Chase Randall and Narges Mahyar
Incubation and Verification Processes in  Information Seeking: A Case Study in the Context of  Autonomous Academic Learning Yujia Li, Chang Liu and Preben Hensen
Investigating the Influence of Featured Snippets on User Attitudes Markus Bink, Sebastian Schwarz, Tim Draws and David Elsweiler
It's Not the Real World, I Don't Care Much: Investigating Twitter Profile Credibility Using an Online Tool Junhao Li, Ville Paananen, Sharadhi Alape Suryanarayana, Eetu Huusko, Miikka Kuutila, Mika Mäntylä and Simo Hosio
Much Ado About Gender: Current Practices and Future Recommendations for Appropriate Gender-Aware Information Access Christine Pinney, Amifa Raj, Alex Hanna and Michael Ekstrand
On the rising and challenges of retracted research works in information systems: Calls for research and actions Peiling Wang
One of Us: a Multiplayer Web-based Game for Digital Evidence Acquisition of Scripts through Crowdsourcing Varvara Kalokyri, Alex Borgida and Amelie Marian
SearchIdea: An Idea Generation Tool to Support Creativity in Academic Search Catherine Chavula, Yujin Choi and Soo Young Rieh
Taking Search to Task Chirag Shah, Ryen White, Paul Thomas, Bhaskar Mitra, Shawon Sarkar and Nicholas Belkin
The Evolution of Web Search User Interfaces - An Archaeological Analysis of Google Search Engine Result Pages Bruno Oliveira and Carla Teixeira Lopes
The Infinite Index: Information Retrieval on Generative Text-To-Image Models Niklas Deckers, Maik Fröbe, Johannes Kiesel, Gianluca Pandolfo, Christopher Schröder, Benno Stein and Martin Potthast
Toward A Two-Sided Fairness Framework in Search and Recommendation Jiqun Liu
True or false? Cognitive load when reading COVID-19 news headlines: an eye-tracking study Li Shi, Nilavra Bhattacharya, Anubrata Das and Jacek Gwizdka
Understanding Procedural Search Tasks "in the Wild" Bogeum Choi, Jaime Arguello and Robert Capra
Understanding Recruiters’ Information Seeking Behavior in Talent Search Mesut Kaya and Toine Bogers
Understanding the Cognitive Influences of Interpretability Features on How Users Scrutinize Machine-Predicted Categories Jiaming Qu, Jaime Arguello and Yue Wang
Weakly Supervised Turn-level Engagingness Evaluator for Dialogues Shaojie Jiang, Svitlana Vakulenko and Maarten de Rijke
Why People Skip Music? On Predicting Music Skips using Deep Reinforcement Learning Francesco Meggetto, Crawford Revie, John Levine and Yashar Moshfeghi

19 Short Papers (34.6%)

Title Authors
Assessing Google Search's New Features for Supporting Web Literacy Ace Wang, Liz Maylin De Jesus Sanchez, Anya Wintner, Yuanxin Zhu and Eni Mustafaraj
Beyond Accurate Answers: Evaluating Open-Domain Question Answering in Enterprise Search Daniel Xiaodan Zhou, Lan Liu, William Yang Wang, Zhiheng Huang, Anmol Anubhai, Maansi Shandilya and Steph Sigalas
Collaboration Patterns and Impact of Sharing at CHIIR Toine Bogers, Birger Larsen, Marijn Koolen, Maria Gaede, Mark M. Hall and Vivien Petras
Comparing Interface Layouts for the Presentation of Multimodal Search Results Wolfgang Gritz, Christian Otto, Anett Hoppe, Georg Pardi, Yvonne Kammerer and Ralph Ewerth
Designing supportive conversational agents with and for teens Irene Lopatovska and Jessika Davis
Exploring older people's challenges on online banking/finance systems: Early findings Dain Thomas, Gobinda Chowdhury and Ian Ruthven
From 10 blue links pages to feature-full Search Engine Results Pages. Analysis of the temporal evolution of SERP features Bruno Oliveira and Carla Teixeira Lopes
How to Make an Outlier? Studying the Effect of Presentational Features on the Outlierness of Items in Product Search Results Fatemeh Sarvi, Mohammad Aliannejadi, Sebastian Schelter and Maarten de Rijke
How we Work, Share, and Re-use at CHIIR Toine Bogers, Maria Gaede, Mark Michael Hall, Marijn Koolen, Vivien Petras and Birger Larsen
I Don't Care How Popular You Are! Investigating Popularity Bias From a User’s Perspective Bruce Ferwerda, Eveline Ingesson, Michaela Berndl and Markus Schedl
Mapping dementia caregivers' comments on social media with evidence-based care strategies for memory loss and confusion Ning Zou, Yuelyu Ji, Bo Xie, Daqing He and Zhimeng Luo
Nested Contexts of Music Information Retrieval: A Framework of Contextual Factors Yuyu Yang and Rob Capra
Quality Conversations and Considerations on Reddit Frans van der Sluis, Julien Faure and Sofie Phutachard Homnual
Representing Tasks with a Graph-Based Method for Supporting Users in Complex Search Tasks Shawon Sarkar, Maryam Amirizaniani and Chirag Shah
Rethinking Serendipity in Recommender Systems Denis Kotkov, Alan Medlar and Dorota Glowacka
RULKNE: Representing User Knowledge State in Search-as-Learning with Named Entities Dima El Zein, Arthur Camara, Celia da Costa Pereira and Andrea Tettamanzi
The effect of research video abstract presentation style on viewer comprehension and engagement Alice Li, Heather O'Brien and Luanne Sinnamon
Using Data-Prompted Interviews in Interactive Information Retrieval Research: A Reflection on The Study of Self-Efficacy When Learning Using Search Amelia Cole and Heather L. O'Brien
"Webcomics Archives? Now I Am Interested": Comics Readers Seeking Information in Web Archives Linda Berube, Stephann Makri, Ian Cooke, Ernesto Priego and Stella Wisdom

8 Demonstrations (61.5%)

Title Authors
A prototype  "debugger" for search strategies Jingfan Zang and Tony Russell-Rose
CS-lol: a Dataset of Viewer Comment with Scene in E-sports Live-streaming Junjie Xu, Yu Nakano, Lingrong Kong and Kojiro Iizuka
DisETrac: Distributed Eye-Tracking for Online Collaboration Bhanuka Mahanama, Mohan Sunkara, Vikas Ashok and Sampath Jayarathna
Drag-and-Drop Query Refinement and Query History Visualization for Mobile Exploratory Search Mohammad Hasan Payandeh, Miriam Boon, Dale Storie, Veronica Ramshaw and Orland Hoeber
FairRecKit: A Web-based Analysis Software for Recommender Evaluations Christine Bauer, Lennard Chung, Aleksej Cornelissen, Isabelle van Driessel, Diede van der Hoorn, Yme de Jong, Lan Le, Sanaz Najiyan Tabriz, Roderick Spaans, Casper Thijsen, Robert Verbeeten, Vos Wesseling and Fern Wieland
Grep-BiasIR: A Dataset for Investigating Gender Representation Bias in Information Retrieval Results Klara Krieg, Emilia Parada-Cabaleiro, Gertraud Medicus, Oleg Lesota, Markus Schedl and Navid Rekabsaz
Irchiver: A Full-Resolution Personal Web Archive for Users and Researchers Jeff Huang and Jing Qian
A Benchmark and Baseline for the Evolution of Users' Knowledge during Search Sessions Dima El Zein and Celia da Costa Pereira

10 Doctoral Consortium Papers

Title Authors
Designing Social Robots to Accommodate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In Human-Robot Interaction Jessica Barfield
Do Social Media Users Change Their Beliefs to Reflect those Espoused by Other Users? Hmdh Alknjr
Do users trust search engines? And if so, why? Developing a trust measure and applying it in an experiment Helena Huüler
How do Human and Contextual Factors Affect the Way People Formulate Queries? Nuha Abu Onq
How search engine marketing influences user knowledge gain: Development and empirical testing of an information search behavior model Sebastian Schultheiü
Investigating Online Browsing Practices Huiwen Zhang
Measuring In-Task Emotional Responses to Address Issues in Post-Task Questionnaires Abbas Pirmoradi Bezanjani
Online Information Seeking and Searching Behavior of First Time Southeast Asian Fathers Kidung Ageng
Towards Understanding and Supporting Exploratory Searches Ayah Soufan
What tasks emerge from Knowledge Work?  Stephanie Segura-Rodas