Paper Sessions

Monday, March 20

Session 1: Tasks

Monday, March 20, 11 am – 12:30 pm
Session Chair:
Vivien Petras

Taking Search to Task (perspective paper)
Chirag Shah, Ryen White, Paul Thomas, Bhaskar Mitra, Shawon Sarkar, and Nicholas Belkin

Understanding Recruiters’ Information Seeking Behavior in Talent Search
Mesut Kaya and Toine Bogers

Understanding Procedural Search Tasks “in the Wild”
Bogeum Choi, Jaime Arguello, and Robert Capra

Session 2: Design

Monday, March 20, 2 pm – 3:30 pm
Session chair:
Martin Halvey

Guiding Oral Conversations: How to Nudge Users Towards Asking Questions?
Marcel Gohsen, Johannes Kiesel, Mariam Korashi, Jan Ehlers, and Benno Stein

Eyes on Immersive Search: Eye-Tracking Study of Search Engine Result Pages in Immersive Virtual Environments
Austin Ward, Bogeum Choi, and Robert Capra

The Evolution of Web Search User Interfaces – An Archaeological Analysis of Google Search Engine Result PagesRemote
Bruno Oliveira and Carla Teixeira Lope

Session 3: Obstacles

Monday, March 20, 4 pm – 5:30 pm
Session chair:
Luanne Sinnamon

Rising of Retracted Research Works and Challenges in Information Systems: Need New Features for Information Retrieval and Interactions (perspective paper)
Peiling Wang

Driven to Distraction: Examining the Influence of Distractors on Search Behaviours, Performance and Experience
Leif Azzopardi, David Maxwell, Martin Halvey, and Claudia Hauff

Why People Skip Music? On Predicting Music Skips using Deep Reinforcement LearningRemote
Francesco Meggetto, Crawford Revie, John Levine, and Yashar Moshfeghi

Tuesday, March 21

Session 4: Disorientation

Tuesday, March 21, 10 am – 11 am
Session chair:
Chirag Shah

True or false? Cognitive load when reading COVID-19 news headlines: an eye-tracking study
Li Shi, Nilavra Bhattacharya, Anubrata Das, and Jacek Gwizdka

It’s Not the Real World, I Don’t Care Much: Investigating Twitter Profile Credibility Using an Online ToolRemote
Junhao Li, Ville Paananen, Sharadhi Alape Suryanarayana, Eetu Huusko, Miikka Kuutila, Mika Mäntylä, and Simo Hosio

Session 5: Academic Work

Tuesday, March 21, 11 :30 am – 1 pm
Session chair:
Toine Bogers

Direct, Orienting, and Scenic Paths: How Users Navigate Search in a Research Data Archive
Sara Lafia, A.J. Million, and Libby Hemphill

How Data Scientists Review the Scholarly Literature
Sheshera Mysore, Mahmood Jasim, Haoru Song, Sarah Akbar, Andre Kenneth Chase Randall, and Narges Mahyar

Incubation and Verification Processes in Information Seeking: A Case Study in the Context of Autonomous Learning
Yujia Li, Chang Liu, and Preben Hansen

Session 6: Inspiration

Tuesday, March 21, 2:30 pm – 4 pm
Session chair:
Daniel M. Russell

SearchIdea: An Idea Generation Tool to Support Creativity in Academic Search
Catherine Chavula, Yujin Choi, and Soo Young Rieh

The Infinite Index: Information Retrieval on Generative Text-To-Image Models
Niklas Deckers, Maik Fröbe, Johannes Kiesel, Gianluca Pandolfo, Christopher Schröder, Benno Stein, and Martin Potthast

One of Us: a Multiplayer Web-based Game for Digital Evidence Acquisition of Scripts through CrowdsourcingRemote
Varvara Kalokyri, Alex Borgida, and Amelie Marian

Wednesday, March 22

Session 7: Influence

Wednesday, March 22, 9 am – 10:30 am
Session chair:
Chang Liu

Consumer Health Information Quality, Credibility, and Trust: An Analysis of Definitions, Measures, and Conceptual Dimensions (perspective paper)
Jiaying Liu, Yan Zhang, and Yeolib Kim

Investigating the Influence of Featured Snippets on User Attitudes
Markus Bink, Sebastian Schwarz, Tim Draws, and David Elsweiler

Explainable Cross-Topic Stance Detection for Search ResultsRemote
Tim Draws, Karthikeyan Natesan Ramamurthy, Ioana Baldini Soares, Amit Dhurandhar, Inkit Padhi, Benjamin Timmermans, and Nava Tintarev

Session 8: Interpretation

Wednesday, March 22, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Session chair:
Orland Hoeber

Toward A Two-Sided Fairness Framework in Search and Recommendation (perspective paper)
Jiqun Liu

Understanding the Cognitive Influences of Interpretability Features on How Users Scrutinize Machine-Predicted Categories
Jiaming Qu, Jaime Arguello, and Yue Wang

Weakly Supervised Turn-level Engagingness Evaluator for DialoguesRemote
Shaojie Jiang, Svitlana Vakulenko, and Maarten de Rijke Tintarev

Session 9: Elucidation

Wednesday, March 22, 2 pm – 3:30 pm
Session chair:
Rob Capra

Much Ado About Gender: Current Practices and Future Recommendations for Appropriate Gender-Aware Information Access (perspective paper)
Christine Pinney, Amifa Raj, Alex Hanna, and Michael D. Ekstrand

Building a Better Mousetrap: Tools and Processes for Selling Your Company
Chelsea Kerr, Alexandra Vtyurina, and Adam Roegiest

An Instrument for measuring users’ meta-intentsRemote
Yuan Ma, Tim Donkers, Timm Kleemann, and Jürgen Ziegler