Instructions for Authors and Presenters

Information about Full Paper Presentations

SIGIR 2021 is a virtual conference that features many papers, and we would like to cover a wider range of timezones. For these reasons, each full paper (including perspectives papers and TOIS papers that are treated as full papers) will be presented in “flipped classroom” format, which means that the audience are expected to watch the video presentations in advance, and each paper “presentation” is mainly live Q&A. Each full paper author is expected to spend only 3 minutes at the beginning of their paper slot just to recap the main findings and encourage discussions.

More details:

  • Paper Session N (N=1,…,6) has six or five parallel session instances. For example, Sessions 1A through 1F are run in parallel.
  • Each session instance (e.g Session 1A) occurs twice in one day, one in the morning (EDT) and one in the evening (EDT), to accommodate different audiences. Full paper authors are expected to attend both of the sessions to answer questions. For example, if your paper is in Session 1A, please attend the 1A session starting at 11:00 EDT, and also the one starting at 20:00 EDT, so that you can discuss your work with two (probably) different audiences.
  • Each full paper (including perspectives papers) has 10 minutes, including the above-mentioned 3-minute recap. Each TOIS paper (treated as a full paper) has 8 minutes. (Please understand that we had to include as many as 33 TOIS papers in the paper sessions and hence the shorter discussion time).
  • We are aware that the presentation times are quite inconvenient for some of you. Although we did consider authors’ timezones, there really is no solution that can make everyone happy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Instructions for Session Chairs

Session chairs may find an instructional video through the link below:

Instructions for Poster Presenters

Poster presenters may find an instructional video through the link below:

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