Salton Award

The Gerard Salton Award is presented by ACM SIGIR every three years to an individual who has made significant, sustained and continuing contributions to research in information retrieval. This year, the Salton Award goes to ChengXiang Zhai, for significant and sustained contributions to information retrieval and data science. His work has defined many of the theoretical foundations of the language modeling approach, yielding major insights into areas such as smoothing methods, relevance feedback, topic diversification, and text representations that incorporate positional information. He and his collaborators have also pioneered the axiomatic approach to information retrieval, which continues to provide inspiration for retrieval model and evaluation research.

Award Recipient: ChengXiang Zhai (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

SIGIR 2021 Awards

  • Best Short Paper: Contextualized Offline Relevance Weighting for Efficient and Effective Neural Retrieval by Xuanang Chen, Ben He, Kai Hui, Yiran Wang, Le Sun and Yingfei Sun
  • Best Student Paper: Dynamic Modality Interaction Modeling for Image-Text Retrieval by Leigang Qu, Meng Liu, Jianlong Wu, Zan Gao and Liqiang Nie
  • Best Paper: Computationally Efficient Optimization of Plackett-Luce Ranking Models for Relevance and Fairness by Harrie Oosterhuis
  • SIGIR Test of Time Award: Exploiting geographical influence for collaborative point-of-interest recommendation by Mao Ye, Peifeng  Yin, Wang-Chien Lee, Dik-Lun Lee, SIGIR 2011

SIGIR 2021 Honorable Mentions

  • Best Short Paper Honorable Mention: Follow the Prophet: Accurate Online Conversion Rate Prediction in the Face of Delayed Feedback by Haoming Li, Feiyang Pan, Xiang Ao, Zhao Yang, Min Lu, Junwei Pan, Dapeng Liu, Lei Xiao and Qing He
  • Best Short Paper Honorable Mention ReadsRE: Retrieval-Augmented Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction by Yue Zhang, Hongliang Fei and Ping Li
  • Best Paper Honorable Mention: Causal Intervention for Leveraging Popularity Bias in Recommendation by Yang Zhang, Fuli Feng, Xiangnan He, Tianxin Wei, Chonggang Song, Guohui Ling and Yongdong Zhang
  • SIGIR Test of Time Honorable Mention: Portfolio theory of information retrieval by Jun Wang, Jianhan Zhu, SIGIR 2009

ICTIR 2021 Awards

  • Best Student Paper: Effective and Privacy-preserving Federated Online Learning to Rank by Shuyi Wang, Bing Liu, Shengyao Zhuang and Guido Zuccon
  • Best Student Paper Honorable Mention: The Impact of Entity Cards on Learning-Oriented Search Tasks by Sara Salimzadeh, David Maxwell and Claudia Hauff
  • Best Paper: ERR is not C/W/L: Exploring the Relationship Between Expected Reciprocal Rank and Other Metrics by Leif Azzopardi, Joel Mackenzie and Alistair Moffat

SIGIR Academy Award

We have established the ACM SIGIR Academy to honor and recognize individuals who have made significant, cumulative contributions to the development of the field of information retrieval (IR). Inductees to the SIGIR Academy are the principal leaders in IR, whose efforts have shaped the discipline and/or industry through significant research, innovation, and/or service.

2021 Inductees: James Allan, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Nicholas Belkin, Andrei Broder, Jamie Callan, William Cooper, W. Bruce Croft, Susan Dumais, Edward Fox, Ophir Frieder, Norbert Fuhr, Marti Hearst, Kalervo Järvelin, Thorsten Joachims, Noriko Kando, Diane Kelly, Michael Lesk, Yoelle Maarek, Alistair Moffat, Marc Najork, C.J. van Rijsbergen, Stephen Robertson, Tefko Saracevic, Ellen Voorhees, Chengxiang Zhai

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