Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium will span 1 day on Sunday, July 11. While the schedule is listed below, it is a closed, invitation-only event. All times listed below are in EDT.

DC Session 1

Time: 8:00 AM – 9:25 AM

Oleg Zendel – New Perspectives to Query Performance Prediction Evaluation
Mentors: Lorraine Goeuriot, Diane Kelly

Marcos Fernández Pichel – Estimating the Reliability of Health-related Search Results
Mentors: Susan Dumais, Diane Kelly

Congbo Ma – Improving Deep Learning based Multi-document Summarization through Linguistic Knowledge
Mentors: Jaap Kamps, Pengjie Ren

Jie Dai – Bridge the Gap: Industrial Data Pipeline oriented Recommendation Enhancement
Mentors: James Caverlee, Pengjie Ren

DC Session 2

Time: 9:45 AM – 11:10 AM

Guglielmo Faggioli – Enabling Performance Prediction in Information Retrieval Evaluation
Mentors: Susan Dumais, Hideo Joho

Alaa Elebshihy – Semi-automatic Labelling of Scientific Articles using Deep Learning to Enlarge Benchmark Data for Scientific Summarization
Mentors: Jaap Kamps, Ana Gabriela Maguitman

Cinthia Sánchez – Transfer Learning for the Multilingual and Multi-Domain Classification of Messages Relating to Crises
Mentors: James Caverlee, Jeanna Matthews

Tim Draws – Understanding How Algorithmic and Cognitive Biases in Web Search Affect User Attitudes on Debated Topics
Mentors: Jeanna Matthews, Heather O’Brien

DC Session 3

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Vít Novotný – Interpretable Document Representations for Fast and Accurate Retrieval of Mathematical Information
Mentors: Fiana Raiber, Yongfeng Zhang

Behrooz Mansouri – Embedding Formulae and Text for Improved Math Retrieval
Mentors: Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Nicola Ferro

Sabine Wehnert – HONto: A Bottom-Up Knowledge Base from Textbooks for Recommending Contextually Relevant Documents
Mentors: Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Ana Gabriela Maguitman

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