December 2020

December 2020, Volume 54 Number 2

Table of Contents

Chair’s Letter
Ben Carterette


ACM SIGIR Annual Business Meeting 2020: Secretary’s Notes
Claudia Hauff

Keynote Extended Abstracts

Coopetition in IR Research
Ellen M. Voorhees

SIGIR Keynote: Proof By Experimentation? Towards Better IR Research
Norbert Fuhr


Challenges in Designing a Brain-Machine Search Interface
Yiqun Liu, Jiaxin Mao, Xiaohui Xie, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma

ARQMath: A New Benchmark for Math-Aware CQA and Math Formula Retrieval
Richard Zanibbi, Behrooz Mansouri, Anurag Agarwal, Douglas W. Oard

A Review of Public Datasets in Question Answering Research
B. Barla Cambazoglu, Mark Sanderson, Falk Scholer, Bruce Croft

Event Reports

4th KidRec – What does Good Look Like:From Design, Research, and Practice to Policy
Monica Landoni, Maria Soledad Pera, Jerry Alan Fails, Emiliana Murgia, Natalia Kucirkova, Theo Huibers

Report on SEBD 2020:the 28th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems
Maristella Agosti, Maurizio Atzori, Paolo Ciaccia, Letizia Tanca

Report on the First Workshop on Bias in Automatic Knowledge Graph Construction at AKBC 2020
Tara Safavi, Edgar Meij, Fatma Ozcan, Miriam Redi, Gianluca Demartini, Chenyan Xiong

CIRCLE 2020 – The First Joint Conference of the Information Retrieval Communities in Europe
Iván Cantador, Max Chevalier, Massimo Melucci, Josiane Mothe

Women and Disparities in Leadership and Wages
Nazli Goharian, Xin Ma, Suzan Verberne

Report on CLEF 2020
Avi Arampatzis, Linda Cappellato, Carsten Eickhoff, Nicola Ferro, Hideo Joho, Evangelos Kanoulas, Christina Lioma, Aurélie Névéol, Theodora Tsikrika, Stefanos Vrochidis

Report on the Fourth Workshop on Recommendation in Complex Environments (ComplexRec 2020)
Toine Bogers, Marijn Koolen, Bamshad Mobasher, Casper Petersen, Alexander Tuzhilin

Report on the ISMIR 2020 special session: How do we help artists?
Christine Bauer

Dissertation Abstracts

Cheap IR Evaluation: Fewer Topics, No Relevance Judgements, and Crowdsourced Assessments
Kevin Roitero

Effective Collection Construction for Information Retrieval Evaluation and Optimization
Dan Li

Learning from User Interactions with Rankings: A Unification of the Field
Harrie Oosterhuis