Monthly Archives: July 2013

New ACM SIGIR Executive Committee in full swing!

The new ACM SIGIR Executive Committee, consisting of

Chair: Charlie Clarke, University of Waterloo
Vice Chair: Yoelle Maarek, Yahoo! Labs Israel
Secretary: Jaap Kamps, University of Amsterdam
Treasurer: Diane Kelly, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Past chair: James Allan, University of Massachusetts Amherst

took office on Monday, July 1st.

The new exec hit the ground running with lot’s of ongoing discussion and the annual SIG-IR business meeting during SIGIR’13 in Dublin. Although some of your wishes and complains surfaced during the business meeting, the exec likes to hear from you on any matter of relevance to the field and the conferences we sponsor or support. Please talk or mail to any member of the exec!

Thanks to outgoing Executive Committee, consisting of Ian Ruthven (Strathclyde), Andrew Trotman (Otago), Ian Soboroff (NIST), Elizabeth Liddy (Syracuse), and outgoing chair James Allan (UMass) for their great work over the last three years.