December 2015


Volume 49 Number 2

Table of Contents


From the Chair…

Charles L.A. Clarke, pp 1

ACM SIGIR Annual Business Meeting 2015: Secretary’s Notes
Jaap Kamps, pp 2-8

The ACM SIGIR International Conference on Theory of Information Retrieval
Oren Kurland, pp 9-10

Women in IR
Laura Dietz and Shiri Dori-Hacohen, pp 11-12


Salton Award Lecture: People, Interacting With Information
Nicholas J. Belkin, pp 13-27

SIGIR 2015 Test of Time Award: Stuff I’ve Seen: A System for Personal Information Retrieval and Re-Use
Susan Dumais, Edward Cutrell, JJ Cadiz, Gavin Jancke, Raman Sarin, and Daniel C. Robbins, pp 28-35

Conference Reports

ECIR 2015: 37th European Conference on Information Retrieval
Allan Hanbury, Gabriella Kazai, Andreas Rauber, and Norbert Fuhr, pp 36-46

Report on CLEF 2015: Experimental IR Meets Multilinguality, Multimodality, and Interaction
Linda Cappellato, Nicola Ferro, Gareth J. F. Jones, Jaap Kamps, Josiane Mothe, Karen Pinel-Sauvagnat, Eric San Juan, and Jacques Savoy, pp 47-56

IR Summer School Reports

10th European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR 2015)
Theodora Tsikrika, Symeon Papadopoulos, Stefanos Vrochidis, and Yiannas Kompatsiaris, pp 57-66

2nd Asian Summer School in Information Access (ASSIA 2015)
Hao-Ren Ke and Hideo Joho, pp 67-71

9th Russian Summer School in Information Retrieval (RuSSIR 2015)
Pavel Braslavski, Ilya Markov, Panos M. Pardalos, Yana Volkovich, Sergei Koltsov, Olessia Koltsova, and Dmitry I. Ignatov, pp 72-79

SIGIR Workshop Reports

SIGIR 2015 Workshop Program Overview
Fernando Diaz and Diane Kelly, pp 80-82

NeuroIR 2015 — SIGIR 2015 Workshop on Neuro-Physiological Models in IR Research
Jacek Gwizdka and Javed Mostafa, pp 83-88

Report on the First SIGIR Workshop on Graph Search and Beyond (GSB’15)
Omar Alonso, Marti A. Hearst, and Jaap Kamps, pp 89-97

Privacy Preserving IR 2015
Grace Hui Yang and Ian Soboroff, pp 98-101

Report on the SIGIR 2015 Workshop on Social Personalization and Search
Christoph Trattner, Denis Parra, Peter Brusilovsky, and Leandro B. Marinho, pp 102-106

Report on the SIGIR 2015 Workshop on Reproducibility, Inexplicability, and Generalizability of Results (RIGOR)
Jaime Arguello, Matt Crane, Fernando Diaz, Jimmy Lin, and Andrew Trotman, pp 107-116

Other Workshop Reports

Workshop on Social and Collaborative Information Seeking (SCIS)
Chirag Shah, Rob Capra, and Preben Hansen, pp 117-122

Report on the Fifth International Workshop on Location and the Web (LocWeb 2015)
Dirk Ahlers, Erik Wilde, and Bruno Martins, pp 123-128

Benchmarking News Recommendations: The CLEF NewsREEL Use Case
Frank Hopfgartner, Torben Brodt, Jonas Seiler, Benjamin Kille, Andreas Lommatzsch, Martha Larson, Roberto Turrin, and András Serény, pp 129-136

1st International Workshop on Multilingual Web Access (MWA 2015)
Ben Steichen, Nicola Ferro, David Lewis, and Ed H. Chi, pp 137-140

Report on RecSys 2015 Workshop on New Trends in Content-Based Recommender Systems
Toine Bogers and Marijn Koolen, pp 141-146

Dissertation Abstracts

Constrained Semi-Supervised Learning in the Presence of Unanticipated Classes
Bhavan Bharat Dalvi, pp 147

Event-Based Multi-Document Summarization
Luís Carlos dos Santos Marujo, pp 148-149

Utilising Wikipedia for Text Mining Applications
Muhammad Atif Qureshi, pp 150-151

Effective and Efficient Approaches to Retrieving and Using Expertise in Social Media
Reyyan Yeniterzi, pp 152-153