December 2009


Volume 43 Number 2

Table of Contents


From the Chair
Liz Liddy, pp 1

ACM SIGIR Annual Business Meeting 2009: Secretary’s Notes
David D. Lewis, pp 2-9

SIGIR Workshop Reports

SIGIR 2009 Workshop Program Overview
Diane Kelly, pp 10

Report on the SIGIR 2009 Workshop on the Future of IR Evaluation
Jaap Kamps, Shlomo Geva, Carol Peters, Tetsuya Sakai, Andrew Trotman and Ellen Voorhees, pp 13-23

Information Access in a Multilingual World: Transitioning from Research to Real-World Applications
Fredric Gey, Jussi Karlgren and Noriko Kando, pp 24-28

Information Retrieval and Advertising
Mikhail Bilenko, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Matthew Richardson and Yi Zhang, pp 29-33

7th Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval (LSDS-IR-09)
Claudio Lucchese, Gleb Skobeltsyn and Wai Gen Yee, pp 34-40

Learning to Rank for Information Retrieval (LR4IR 2009)
Hang Li, Tie-Yan Liu and ChengXiang Zhai, pp 41-45

Redundancy, Diversity and Interdependent Document Relevance
Filip Radlinski, Paul N. Bennett, Ben Carterette and Thorsten Joachims, pp 46-52

The Search and Social Media Workshop at SIGIR 2009
Eugene Agichtein, Marti A. Hearst and Ian Soboroff, pp 53-56

SIGIR 2009 Workshop on Understanding the User: Logging and Interpreting User Interactions in Information Search and Retrieval
Georg Buscher, Jacek Gwizdka, Jaime Teevan, Nicholas J. Belkin, Ralf Bierig, Ludger van Elst and Joemon Jose, pp 57-62

TREC Workshop Reports

TREC-CHEM: Large Scale Chemical Information Retrieval Evaluation at TREC
Mihai Lupu, Jimmy Huang, Jianhan Zhu and John Tait, pp 63-70

Other Workshop Reports

Report on the TrebleCLEF Query Log Analysis Workshop 2009
Paul Clough and Bettina Berendt, pp 71-77

The 3rd Workshop on Information Credibility on the Web (WICOW 2009)
Adam Jatowt and Katsumi Tanaka, pp 78-82

HCIR 2009: The Third International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval
Bill Kules, Daniel Tunkelang and Ryen W. White, pp 83-87

Dissertation Abstracts

The Impact of MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) Terms on Information Seeking Effectiveness
Ying-Hsang Liu, p 88