The 31st Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference
20-24 July 2008, Singapore

Shopping in Singapore

Besides being a food heaven, Singapore is also known to be a shopping utopia. One would find shopping avenues almost anywhere in Singapore but it would be helpful to remember some of the big names like Orchard Road, Chinatown and the Colonial area where the shopping atmosphere is the most dense.

Orchard Road is where the central shopping area is concentrated. It rivals all other areas in terms of sheer volume, quality, and choice. Many of its shopping centers are filled with a variety of products from around the world. Most malls carry the concept of "everything under one roof". Virtually everything that is desired can be found in these shopping centers.

Colonial Singapore Area is situated in the heart of nation; here is one of Singapore's main business districts where numerous high rise office buildings are located. What makes this place interesting is the fact that it houses mega computer and electronics marts like Funan Center and Sim Lim square where both locals and foreigners converge to purchase computers and electronics at competitve prices.

Chinatown brings an exquisite experience of sights and sounds: medical halls mix snake skin, herbs and spices and other exotic ingredients into potions for all ailments; traditional delicacies like sea cucumbers lie drying in the street; fruit sellers squat near mounds of rambutan, strong-smelling durian, mangosteen and other seasonal fruits; fortune-tellers sit at make-shift tables waiting for eager customers to know their future; hawkers grill thin slices of pork for passers-by over home-made barbecues.

A shopping utopia would definitely not be limited to just a few shopping concentrations. At every corner in Singapore there is always a popular shopping haunt; such as Jurong Point in Jurong, Tampines Mall in Tampines, Parkway Parade for people residing in Katong area; the list is just endless! One just needs to bear in mind a simple notion: Wherever you are in Singapore, there is always fun, food and shopping!