The 31st Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference
20-24 July 2008, Singapore

Food and Dining in Singapore

To the locals, Singapore is truly a heaven for food. There are quite a number of local specials which never fails to keep Singaporeans craving for more. It is indeed a must for tourists to give some of these local specials a try and bring home stories of the unique and mouth-watering taste.

Chilli Crab, one of the local's hot favourites, is cooked with chilli powder such that they become red and hot. With the addition of black pepper and served with hot steamed rice, it is definitely one of the top local seafood delights.

Satay, is a malay cuisine but is highly popular with all races in Singapore. Satay is basically small pieces of meat skewered with a stick; it is available in chicken, mutton or beef. Mutton comes highly recommended since it's the softest of the three. Good satay should be sweet, coriander-scented and slightly charred at the edges; it's best eaten with a cruchy peanut dip. Also served is "ketupat" - malay rice dumplings wrapped in coconut leaf, onion slices and cucumbers.

"Dim Sum" is one of the main parts of Chinese Gastronomy. It is a collection of appetizers, snacks and pastries prepared in many variations. Dim Sum is made from a variety of meat, vegetables and seafood which are steamed, pan fried, boiled, braised, stewed or baked. The attraction of "Dim Sum" lies in its variety of selections which can be enjoyed as an appetizer or main dish and is both economical and satisfying.

Chicken rice is fundamentally steamed chicken served with rice cooked in chicken stock. The point of judgement lies in fragrance of the rice and the way the chicken is cooked; the chicken should be cooked such that it is not oily and yet juicy to the bite. Chicken rice is usually served with cucumbers and locals like to add some pork and even an egg. Together with black sauce and the specially made Chicken rice chilli, it all sums up to a perfect dish. Chicken rice is truly a religion in vast field of food and is a local delicacy preferred by most foreigners.

The list of local delicacies is definitely not just restricted to these few but these are definitely some of the pinnacles. Besides purchasing local souvenirs and artifacts... bringing home an exquisite oriental taste would be definitely more endearing.