About Salvador/Brazil

The city of Salvador is the capital of Bahia, one of the states of Brazil. Walking through the streets of its historic neighborhood feels like witnessing the very beginning of Brazilian history. Look a little closer and you will get a feel for how the first city in the country developed in the colonial period. Until 1763, Salvador was the capital of the Portuguese Crown in the Americas, not to mention the biggest port in the southern hemisphere throughout the 18th century.

Nature was more than generous when she created the beauty to be found along its more than 30 miles of beaches and in its recently developed ecological parks. The result of a blend that included Europeans, Africans and native Indians, its people are cheeful, creative, musical, and cultivate rich folklore and cultural expressions. Salvador is the birthplace of important characters performing in various segments of arts, renowned both at home and abroad. With culture, swing, history and hospitable people, the capital of Bahia charms everyone who visits it.

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