Call for Demonstrations

Demonstrations at the SIGIR 2005 conference are aimed at offering first-hand experience with research prototypes or operational systems. They will provide opportunities to exchange ideas gained from implementing IR systems and collecting feedback from expert users.

A demonstration proposal is a one-page extended abstract that must be submitted electronically to the demonstration chair Javed Mostafa. The proposal must include an overview of what the implemented system aimed to achieve, the major components of the system, novelty of the algorithm/s or technique/s implemented, and relation to other systems or projects described in the context of other research (i.e., references to related literature).

Include along with the demonstration proposal a separate page describing the hardware, software and network access requirements for the demonstration. Proposals on systems based on non-standard hardware, e.g. context-aware mobile systems or virtual reality systems must include a short statement describing how the systems will be demonstrated at the conference.

We can accept demonstration proposals in either PDF or Postscript. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that their proposals use no unusual format features and can be printed on a standard Postscript printer. LaTeX and Word templates for SIGIR submissions are available from the ACM Website. Accepted proposals will be published in the proceedings.

The demonstration chair is: Javed Mostafa ( ). Demonstration proposals must be submitted by February 25, 2005.

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