Call for Papers
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August 15-19, 2005 Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Organized by The Federal University of Minas Gerais
and ACM.

Deadline for submissions: January 28, 2005

Submissions will remain open while it is still January 28 anywhere in the world.

SIGIR is the major international forum for the presentation of new research results and for the demonstration of new systems and techniques in the broad field of information retrieval (IR). The Conference and Program Chairs invite all those working in areas related to IR to submit original research contributions, posters, and proposals for tutorials, workshops, and demonstrations of systems.

Program Chairs: Gary Marchionini, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA; Alistair Moffat, University of Melbourne, Australia; John Tait, Sunderland University, UK


SIGIR 2005 welcomes contributions related to any aspect of IR, but the major areas of interest are listed below. For each general area, two or more area coordinators will guide the reviewing process.

  • Formal Models, Language Models, Fusion/Combination
    Area Coordinators: Keith van Rijsbergen, University of Glasgow; John Lafferty, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Text Representation and Indexing, XML and Metadata
    Area Coordinators: Airi Salminen, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland; Yoelle Maarek, IBM Haifa
  • Performance, Compression, Scalability, Architectures, Mobile Applications
    Area Coordinators: Chris Buckley, SabIR research, USA; Edleno Silva de Moura, Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil
  • Web IR, Intranet/Enterprise Search, Citation and Link Analysis, Digital Libraries, Distributed IR
    Area Coordinators: Amit Singhal, Google; Andrei Broder, IBM Research, USA
  • Cross-language Retrieval, Multilingual Retrieval, Machine Translation for IR
    Area Coordinators: Ari Pirkola, University of Tampere, Finland; Bruce Croft, University of Massachusetts, USA
  • Video and Image Access, Audio and Speech Retrieval, Music Retrieval
    Area, Coordinators: Hong-Jiang Zhang, Microsoft Research, China; R. Manmatha, University of Massachusetts, USA
  • Text Data Mining and Machine Learning for IR
    Area Coordinators: Yiming Yang, Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Wai Lam, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Text Categorization, Clustering
    Area Coordinators: Fabrizio Sebastiani, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy; Yoram Singer, Google
  • Topic Detection and Tracking, Content-Based Filtering, Collaborative Filtering, Agents
    Area Coordinators: John Riedl, University of Minnesota, USA; Jamie Callan, Carnegie-Mellon University, USA
  • Summarization, Question Answering, Natural Language Processing for IR, Information Extraction, Lexical Acquisition
    Area Coordinators: Jussi Karlgren, SICS, Sweden; Charlie Clarke, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Interactive IR, User Interfaces, Visualization, User Studies, User Models
    Area Coordinators: Pia Borlund, Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark; Nick Belkin, Rutgers University, USA
  • Specialized Applications of IR, including Genomic IR, IR in Software Engineering, and IR for Chemical Structures
    Area Coordinators: Bill Hersh, Oregon Health & Science University, USA; Hugh E. Williams, RMIT University, Australia
  • Evaluation, Building Test Collections, Experimental Design and Metrics
    Area Coordinators: Donna Harman, NIST, USA; Noriko Kando, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
  • Ad Hoc Area Coordinators: Sue Dumais, Microsoft; Kal Jarvelin, Univeristy of Tempere, Finland; David Harper, Robert Gordon University, UK; Efthimis Efthimiadis, University of Washington, USA; Alan Smeaton, Dublin Univeristy, Ireland

Important Dates

November 12, 2004 Mentoring Deadline

January 28, 2005 Full papers due

February 4, 2005 Workshop proposals due

February 25, 2005 Poster, tutorial, and doctoral consortium submissions due

April 11, 2005 Notification of acceptance

Submission guidelines

Authors are invited to submit research papers representing original, previously unpublished work, on or before January 28, 2005. Note that papers may not be submitted to other venues concurrently with SIGIR. In spite of this policy, duplicate submissions continue to be a problem. Beginning in 2005 the authors of duplicate submissions will not be permitted to submit papers to the SIGIR conference in the following year. Papers must be submitted electronically, via the submission web page. Papers must not exceed 8 pages in 9 point font and be submitted as pdf or ps files. Papers exceeding the limits will be rejected without review. SIGIR review is doubleblind. This means that all submissions must not have any identifying information (do not put the author(s) or affiliation(s) on the paper). Submitted papers should be in the ACM Conference style, see, using the "Option 2" style. This is also the style that will be required for final papers.

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