Monday, August 13 Tuesday, August 14 Wednesday, August 15

Monday, August 13

11:00 — 12:15 Query Suggestion Moderator: Evgeniy Gabrilovich
Adaptation of the Concept Hierarchy Model with Search Logs for Query Recommendation on Intranets
Ibrahim Adeyanju (Robert Gordon University) Dawei Song (The Robert Gordon University) M-Dyaa Albakour (University of Essex) Udo Kruschwitz (University of Essex) Anne De Roeck (The Open University) Maria Fasli
Adaptive Query Suggestion for Difficult Queries
Yang Liu (Beijing Institute of technology) Ruihua Song Yu Chen (Microsoft Research Asia) Jian-Yun Nie (DIRO -University of Montreal) Ji-Rong Wen (Microsoft Research Asia)
Learning to Suggest: A Machine Learning Framework for Ranking Query Suggestions
Umut Ozertem (Microsoft) Olivier Chapelle (Yahoo! Research) Pinar Donmez (Salesforce) Emre Velipasaoglu (Yahoo! Labs)
Multimedia 1 Moderator: Manmatha
Privacy-Aware Image Classification and Search
Sergej Zerr (L3S Research Center) Stefan Siersdorfer (L3S Research Center) Jon Hare (University of Southampton) Elena Demidova (L3S Research Center)
Manhattan Hashing for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
Weihao Kong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Wu-Jun Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Boosting Multi-Kernel Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Scalable Image Retrieval
Steven Hoi (Nanyang Technological University) Hao Xia (Nanyang Technological University) Pengcheng Wu Rong Jin (Michigan State University)
Diversity 1 Moderator: Arjen de Vries
Diversity by Proportionality: An Election-based Approach to Search Result Diversification
Van Dang (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Bruce Croft (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Explicit Relevance Models in Intent-Oriented Information Retrieval Diversification
Saul Vargas (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) Pablo Castells (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) David Vallet (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
AspecTiles: Tile-based Visualization of Diversified Web Search Results
Mayu Iwata (Osaka University) Tetsuya Sakai (Microsoft Research Asia) Takehiro Yamamoto (Kyoto University) Yu Chen (Microsoft Research Asia) Yi Liu (Microsoft Research Asia) Ji-Rong Wen (Université de Montréal) Shojiro Nishio (Microsoft Research Asia)
14:00 — 15:15 Evaluation 1 Moderator: Maarten de Rijke
Time-Based Calibration of Effectiveness Measures
Mark D Smucker (University of Waterloo) Charles L. A. Clarke (University of Waterloo)
Time Drives Interaction: Simulating Sessions in Diverse Searching Environments
Feza Baskaya (University of Tampere) Heikki Keskustalo (University of Tampere Finland) Kalervo Jäelin (University of Tampere)
Evaluating Aggregated Search Pages
Ke Zhou (University of Glasgow) Ronan Cummins (National University of Ireland) Mounia Lalmas (Yahoo! Research) Joemon M Jose (University of Glasgow)
Structured Data Moderator: Andrew Trotman
Combining Inverted Indices and Structured Search for Ad-hoc Object Retrieval
Alberto Tonon (University of Fribourg) Gianluca Demartini (University of Fribourg) Philippe Cudre-Mauroux (University of Fribourg)
Retrieving Similar Discussion Forum Threads: A Structure based Approach
Amit Singh (IBM Research - India) Deepak P (IBM Research - India, Bangalore) Dinesh Raghu (IBM Research - India)
Summarizing Highly Structured Documents for Effective Search Interaction
Lanbo Zhang (University of California at Santa Cruz) Yi Zhang (UC Santa Cruz)
Recommender Systems 1 Moderator: Marc Najork
TFMAP: Optimizing MAP for Top-N Context-aware Recommendation
Yue Shi (Delft University of Technology) Alexandros Karatzoglou (Telefonica Research) Linas Baltrunas (Telefonica Research) Martha Larson (Delft University of Technology) Alan Hanjalic (Delft University of Technology) Nuria Oliver (Delft University of Technology)
Increasing Temporal Diversity with Purchase Intervals
Gang Zhao (National U. of Singapore) Mong Li Lee (National University of Singapore) Hsu Wynne (National University of Singapore)
Adaptive Diversification of Recommendation Results via Latent Factor Portfolio
Yue Shi (Delft University of Technology) Xiaoxue Zhao (Department of Computer Science, UCL) Jun Wang (University College London) Martha Larson (Delft University of Technology) Alan Hanjalic (Delft University of Technology)
15:45 — 17:25 Users 1: Personalization and User Modeling Moderator: Diane Kelly
Modeling and Measuring the Impact of Short and Long-Term Behavior on Search Personalization
Paul N Bennett (Microsoft) Ryen White (Microsoft Research) Wei Chu (Microsoft Bing, USA) Susan Dumais (Microsoft Research Redmond) Peter Bailey (Microsoft) Fedor Borisyuk Xiaoyuan Cui
Improving Searcher Models Using Mouse Cursor Activity
Jeff Huang (University of Washington) Ryen White (Microsoft Research) Georg Buscher (Microsoft Bing) Kuansan Wang (Microsoft Research at Redmond)
Personalization of Search Results Using Interaction Behaviors in Search Sessions
Chang Liu (Rutgers University) Cole Michael (Rutgers University) Nicholas J Belkin (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey)
User Evaluation of Query Quality
Wan-Ching Wu (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Diane Kelly (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill) Kun Huang (Beijing Normal University)
Architectures 1 Moderator: Vanja Josifovski
Efficient In-Memory Top-k Document Retrieval
Shane Culpepper (RMIT) Matthias Petri (RMIT University) Falk Scholer (RMIT University)
Index Maintenance for Time-Travel Text Search
Avishek Anand (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics) Klaus Berberich (Max-Planck Institute for Informatics) Srikanta Bedathur (IIIT-Delhi) Ralf Schenkel (Saarland University)
Optimizing Positional Index Structures for Versioned Document Collections
Jinru He (Polytechnic Institute of New York University) Torsten Suel (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)
To Index or not to Index: Time-space trade-offs in search engines with positional ranking functions
Diego Arroyuelo (Yahoo! Research Latin America) SenéGonzáz (Dept. of Computer Science, U. of Chile) Mauricio Marin (Yahoo! Research Latin America) Mauricio Oyarzun (University of Santiago, Chile) Torsten Suel (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)
Search Log Analysis Moderator: Bin Gao
Studies of the Onset and Persistence of Medical Concerns in Search Logs
Ryen White (Microsoft Research) Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research)
A Semi-Supervised Approach to Modeling Web Search Satisfaction
Ahmed Hassan (Microsoft Research)
Social Annotations on the Search Results Page: Utility and Prediction Modeling
Patrick Pantel (Microsoft Research) Michael Gamon (Microsoft Research) Omar Alonso (Microsoft) Kevin Haas (Microsoft)
An Exploration of Ranking Heuristics in Mobile Local Search
Yuanhua Lv (UIUC) Dimitrios Lymberopoulos (Microsoft Research) Qiang Wu (Microsoft)

Tuesday, August 14

Monday, August 13 Tuesday, August 14 Wednesday, August 15

10:45 — 12:25 User Intent Moderator: Nick Craswell
Mining Query Subtopics from Search Log Data
Yunhua Hu (Microsoft Research Asia) Yanan Qian (Xi‘an Jiaotong University) Hang Li (Microsoft Research) Daxin Jiang (Microsoft Researc Asia) Jian Pei (Simon Fraser University)
Search, Interrupted: Understanding and Predicting Search Task Continuation
Eugene Agichtein (Emory University) Paul N Bennett (Microsoft) Susan Dumais (Microsoft Research Redmond) Ryen White (Microsoft Research)
Multi-Aspect Query Summarization by Compositing Query
Wei Song (Harbin Institute of Technology) Qing Yu (Microsoft) Zhiheng Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Ting Liu (Harbin Institute of Technology) Sheng Li (Harbin Institute of Technology) Ji-Rong Wen (Microsoft)
Language Intent Models for Inferring User Browsing Behavior
Manos Tsagkias (University of Amsterdam) Roi Blanco (Yahoo! Research)
Efficiency Moderator: Charlie Clark
Efficient Query Recommendations in the Long Tail via Center-Piece Subgraphs
Francesco Bonchi (Yahoo! Research) Raffaele Perego (ISTI-CNR) Fabrizio Silvestri (Information Science and Technology Institute) Hossein Vahabi (IMT Lucca) Rossano Venturini (Information Science and Technology Institute)
Supporting Efficient Top-k Queries in Type-Ahead Search
Guoliang Li (Tsinghua University), Jiannan Wang (Tsinghua University), Chen Li (University of California, Irvine), Jianhua Feng (Tsinghua University)
SimFusion+: Extending SimFusion Towards Efficient Estimation on Large and Dynamic Networks
Weiren Yu (University of New South Wales), Xuemin Lin (University of New South Wales), Wenjie Zhang (University of New South Wales), Ying Zhang (University of New South Wales), Jiajin Le (Donghua University)
Group Matrix Factorization for Scalable Topic Modeling
Quan Wang (Microsoft Research Asia) Zheng Cao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Jun Xu (Microsoft Research Asia) Hang Li (Microsoft Research)
Spam and Abuse Moderator: Ellen Voorhees
Detecting Quilted Web Pages at Scale
Marc Najork (Microsoft)
Fighting against Web Spam: A Novel Propagation Method based on Click-through Data
Chao Wei (Tsinghua University) Yiqun Liu (Tsinghua University) Min Zhang (Dept of Computer Science, Tsinghua University) Shaoping Ma (Tsinghua University) Liyun Ru (Tsinghua University)
Learning Hash Codes for Efficient Content Reuse Detection
Qi Zhang (Fudan University) Yan Wu (Fudan University) Xuanjing Huang (Fudan University)
14:10 — 15:25 Users 2: Exploratory Search Moderator: Susan Dumais
Explanatory Semantic Relatedness and Explicit Spatialization for Exploratory Search
Brent Hecht (Northwestern University) Samuel H. Carton (Northwestern University) Mahmood Quaderi (Northwestern University) Johannes Schöning (Independent Researcher) Martin Raubal (ETH Zurich) Darren Gergle (Northwestern University) Douglas Downey (Northwestern University)
A Subjunctive Exploratory Search Interface to Support Media Studies Researchers
Marc Bron (University of Amsterdam) Jasmijn van Gorp (Utrecht University) Andrei Vishneuski (University of Amsterdam) Frank Nack (University of Amsterdam) Sonja de Leeuw (Utrecht University) Maarten de Rijke (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Task Complexity, Vertical Display and User Interaction in Aggregated Search
Jaime Arguello (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Wan-Ching Wu (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Diane Kelly (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill) Ashlee Edwards (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Multimedia 2 Moderator: Cathal Gurrin
Image Ranking Based on Users Browsing Behavior
Michele Trevisiol (Yahoo! Research Barcelona) Luca Chiarandini (Yahoo! Research Barcelona) Luca Maria Aiello (Yahoo! Research Barcelona) Alejandro Jaimes (Yahoo! Research Barcelona)
Modeling Concept Dynamics for Large Scale Music Search
Jialie Shen (Singapore Management University) HweeHwa Pang (Singapore Management University) Meng Wang (Hefei University of Technology) Shuicheng Yan
Finding Translations in Scanned Book Collections
Ismet Zeki Yalniz (University of Massachusetts) R. Manmatha (Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst)
Recommender Systems 2 Moderator: Isabelle Moulinier
Predicting the Ratings of Multimedia Items for Making Personalized Recommendations
Rani Qumsiyeh (Brigham Young University) Yiu-Kai Ng (Brigham Young University)
Personalized Click Shaping through Lagrangian Duality for Online Recommendation
Deepak Agarwal (Yahoo! Research) Bee-Chung Chen (Yahoo!) Pradheep Elango (Yahoo! Labs) Xuanhui Wang (Yahoo!)
What Reviews are Satisfactory: Novel Features for Automatic Helpfulness Voting
Yu Hong (Soochow University) Jun Lu (Soochow University) Jianmin Yao (Soochow University) Qiaoming Zhu (School of Compuer Science & Technology )
15:55 — 17:35 Query Expansion and Reformulation Moderator: Fernando Diaz
Automatic Refinement of Patent Queries using Concept Importance Predictors
Parvaz Mahdabi (University of Lugano) Linda Andersson Mostafa Keikha (University of Lugano) Fabio Crestani (University of Lugano)
Automatic Term Mismatch Diagnosis for Selective Query Expansion
Le Zhao (Carnegie Mellon University) Jamie Callan (Carnegie Mellon University)
Generating Reformulation Trees for Complex Queries
Xiaobing Xue (University of Massachusetts) Bruce Croft (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Proximity-based Rocchio‘s Model for Pseudo Relevance Feedback
Jun Miao (York University) Jimmy Huang (York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Zheng Ye (York University)
Social Media 1 Moderator: James Allan
Modeling User Posting Behavior on Social Media
Zhiheng Zu (Institute of Automation) Qing Yang (Institute of Automation, CAS)
Friend or Frenemy? Predicting Signed Ties in Social Networks
Shuang-Hong Yang (Georgia Institute of Technology) Alex Smola (Yahoo! Research) Bo Long (Yahoo! Labs) Hongyuan Zha (Georgia Institute of Technology) Yi Chang (Yahoo! Labs)
Social-Network Analysis Using Topic Model
Youngchul Cha (UCLA) Junghoo Cho (UCLA)
Cognos: Crowdsourcing Search for Topic Experts in Microblogs
Saptarshi Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur) Naveen Kr. Sharma (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur) Fabricio Benevenuto (Federal University of Ouro Preto) Niloy Ganguly (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) Krishna Gummadi (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)

Wednesday, August 15

Monday, August 13 Tuesday, August 14 Wednesday, August 15

9:00 - 10:15 Query Completion and Correction Moderator: Eugene Agichtein
Automatic Suggestion of Query-Rewrite Rules for Enterprise Search
Zhuowei Bao (University of Pennsylvania) Kimelfeld Benny (IBM Research - Almaden) Yunyao Li (IBM Research - Almaden)
Time-Sensitive Query Auto-Completion
Milad Shokouhi (Microsoft) Kira Radinsky
A Generalized Hidden Markov Model with Discriminative Training for Query Spelling Correction
Yanen Li (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) Huizhong Duan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) ChengXiang Zhai (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Architectures 2 Moderator: David Carmel
Learning to Predict Response Times for Online Query Scheduling
Nicola Tonellotto (ISTI-CNR) Craig Macdonald (U. Glasgow) Iadh Ounis (University of Glasgow)
Prefetching Query Results and its Impact on Search Engines
Simon Jonassen (Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology) B. Barla Cambazoglu (Yahoo! Research) Fabrizio Silvestri (Information Science and Technology Institute)
Online Result Cache Invalidation for Realtime Web Search
Xiao Bai (Yahoo! Research) Flavio Junqueira (Yahoo! Research)
Recommender Systems 3 Moderator: Yi Zhang
Learning to Rank Social Update Streams
Liangjie Hong (Lehigh University) Ron Bekkerman (LinkedIn) Joseph Adler (LinkedIn Corp.) Brian D. Davison (Lehigh Universith)
Collaborative Personalized Tweet Recommendation
Chen Kailong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Chen Tianqi (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Guoqing Zheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Jin Ou Yong Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Exploring Social Influence for Recommendation - A Generative Model Approach
Mao Ye (Penn State University) Xingjie Liu (Penn State University) Wang-Chien Lee (The Pennsylvania State University)
10:45 — 12:00 Multimedia 3 Moderator: Gareth Jones
See-To-Retrieve: Efficient Processing of Spatio-Visual Keyword Queries
Chao Zhang (Zhejiang University) Lidan Shou (U. Zhejiang) Ke Chen (U. Zhejiang)
Placing Images on the World Map: a Microblog-Based Enrichment Approach
Claudia Hauff (TU Delft) Geert-Jan Houben (TU Delft)
Where Is Who: Large-Scale Photo Retrieval by Facial Attributes and Canvas Layout
Yu-Heng Lei (National Taiwan University) Yan-Ying Chen (National Taiwan University) Bor-Chun Chen (National Taiwan University) Lime Iida (National Taiwan University) Winston Hsu (National Taiwan University)
Entities Moderator: Tetsuya Sakai
Mining the Web for Points of Interest
Adam Rae (Yahoo! Research) Vanessa Murdock (Yahoo! Research) Hugues Bouchard (Yahoo! Research) Adrian Popescu (CEA, LIST)
TwiNER: Unsupervised Named Entity Recognition in Targeted Twitter Stream
Chenliang Li (Nanyang Technological University) Jianshu Weng (HP Labs Singapore) Qi He (IBM Almaden Research Center) Yuxia Yao (HP Labs Singapore) Aixin Sun (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Bu-Sung Lee (HP Labs Singapore) Anwitaman Datta
Adaptive Context Features for Toponym Resolution in Streaming News
Michael Lieberman (University of Maryland) Hanan Samet (University of Maryland)
Learning to Rank Moderator: Don Metzler
Structural Relationships for Large-Scale Learning of Answer Re-ranking
Aliaksei Severyn (University of Trento) Alessandro Moschitti (University of Trento)
Top-k Learning to Rank: Labeling, Ranking and Evaluation
Shuzi Niu (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS) Jiafeng Guo Yanyan Lan (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Xueqi Cheng (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS)
Robust Ranking Models via Risk-Averse Optimization
Lidan Wang (University of Maryland, College Park) Paul N Bennett (Microsoft) Kevyn Collins-Thompson (Microsoft Research)
14:00 — 15:15 Community QA Moderator: Bruce Croft
Dual Role Model for Question Recommendation in Community Question Answering
Fei Xu (Inst. of Computing Technology, CAS) Zongcheng Ji (Inst. of Computing Technology, CAS) Bin Wang (Institute of Computing Technology,CAS)
Vote Calibration in Community Question-Answering Systems
Bee-Chung Chen (Yahoo!) Anirban Dasgupta (Yahoo! Labs) Xuanhui Wang (Yahoo!) Jie Yang (Yahoo! Labs)
Category Hierarchy Maintenance: A Data-Driven Approach
Quan Yuan (Nanyang Technological University) Cong Gao (Nanyang Technological University,SCE) Aixin Sun (Nanyang Technological University) Chin-Yew Lin (Microsoft Research Asia) Nadia M. Thalmann
When Web Search Fails, Searchers Become Askers: Understanding the Transition
Qiaoling Liu (Emory University) Eugene Agichtein (Emory University) Gideon Dror (Yahoo!) Yoelle Maarek (Yahoo; Israel) Idan Szpektor (Yahoo! Research)
Federated Search Moderator: Ricardo Baeza-Yates
Content-based Retrieval for Heterogeneous Domains: Domain Adaptation by Relative Aggregation Points
Makoto P. Kato (Kyoto University) Hiroaki Ohshima (Kyoto University) Katsumi Tanaka (Kyoto University)
Mixture Model with Multiple Centralized Retrieval Algorithms for Result Merging in Federated Search
Dzung Hong (Purdue University) Luo Si (Purdue University)
Reactive Index Replication for Distributed Search Engines
Flavio Junqueira (Yahoo! Research) Vincent Leroy (Yahoo! Research Barcelona) Matthieu Morel (Yahoo! Research)
Diversity 2 Moderator: Andrei Broder
Personalized Diversification of Search Results
David Vallet (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) Pablo Castells (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
Combining Implicit and Explicit Topic Representations for Result Diversification
Jiyin He (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) Vera Hollink (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam) Arjen P. de Vries (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica)
Using Preference Judgments for Novel Document Retrieval
Praveen Chandar (University of Delaware) Ben Carterette (University of Delaware)
15:30 — 17:10 Evaluation 2 Moderator: Ben Carterette
Quality through Flow and Immersion: Gamifying Crowdsourced Relevance Assessments
Carsten Eickhoff (Delft University of Technology) Christopher G. Harris (The University of Iowa) Arjen P. de Vries (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) Padmini Srinivasan (The University of Iowa)
An IR-based Evaluation Framework for Web Search Query Segmentation
Rishiraj Saha Roy (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) Niloy Ganguly (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) Monojit Choudhury (Microsoft Research India) Srivatsan Laxman (Microsoft Research India)
On Per-Topic Variance in IR Evaluation
Stephen Robertson (Microsoft Research) Evangelos Kanoulas (University of Sheffield)
An Uncertainty-aware Query Selection Model for Evaluation of IR Systems
Mehdi Hosseini (University College London) Ingemar Cox (University College London) Natasa Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research Ltd) Emine Yilmaz (Microsoft Research Cambridge) Milad Shokouhi (Microsoft)
Representation Moderator: Shlomo Geva
Improving Retrieval of Short Texts Through Document Expansion
Miles Efron (University of Illinois) Peter Organisciak Katrina Fenlon
Extending BM25 with Multiple Query Operators
Roi Blanco (Yahoo! Research) Paolo Boldi (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Rhetorical Relations for Information Retrieval
Christina Lioma (University of Copenhagen) Birger Larsen (Royal School of Library and Information Science Denmark) Wei Lu
Modeling Higher-Order Term Dependencies in Information Retrieval using Query Hypergraphs
Michael Bendersky (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Bruce Croft (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Classification Moderator: Kevyn Collins-Thompson
Confidence-Aware Classification with Pairwise Similarity Features
Yuan Fang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Bo-June (Paul) Hsu (Microsoft Research)
Utility-Theoretic Ranking Methods for Semi-Automated Text Classification
Giacomo Berardi (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) Andrea Esuli (National Council of Research Italy) Fabrizio Sebastiani (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)
Improving Tweet Stream Classification by Detecting Changes in Word Probability
Kyosuke Nishida (NTT Corporation) Takahide Hoshide (NTT Cyber Solutions Labs., NTT Corporation) Ko Fujimura (NTT Cyber Solutions Labs., NTT Corporation)
Predicting Quality Flaws in User-generated Content: The Case of Wikipedia
Maik Anderka (Bauhaus University Weimar) Benno Stein (Bauhaus University Weimar) Nedim Lipka (Bauhaus University Weimar)