Call For Doctoral Consortium Submissions

The ACM SIGIR Doctoral Consortium provides doctoral students with a unique opportunity to have substantive interaction with other researchers regarding their proposed dissertation research.

The objectives of the Doctoral Consortium are:

The Consortium will take place on the same day as the tutorials (12 August), with the format including: student presentations with plenary discussions, individual meetings with experienced researchers, and highly interactive networking sessions over lunch and breaks with a special emphasis on gaining insights regarding career paths after the PhD.

Prospective attendees should have written, or be close to completing, a thesis proposal (or equivalent). It is desirable that the student is not so close to completion that the event would have little impact on their work. Before submitting, students should discuss this criterion with their advisor or supervisor.

Over the years, the number of submissions to the Consortium has grown steadily; as a result, the Consortium has become increasingly selective. Candidates for the Consortium will be selected based on the potential of their research for future impact on the field of Information Retrieval and the likely benefit to the student of participation in the Consortium. Priority will be given to students whose research goes beyond locally available expertise at their home institution.

This selection will be based in part on a written paper, singly authored by the student. One-page extended abstracts (submitted after their selection by students who are selected to participate in the Consortium) will be published in the SIGIR Conference Proceedings.

Doctoral students who submit to the Consortium are permitted to have previously published on their research, and are encouraged to submit papers or posters to SIGIR and associated workshops.

SIGIR may be able to provide travel grants for students chosen to attend the Consortium. Application details for travel grants will be available on the SIGIR Web site.

Submission Guidelines

The submitted paper will be the basis for detailed discussions at the Consortium. To get the most out of the discussion, it should include:

In addition, a one page appendix to the paper (placed after the references) should include the following:

Advisors should also specifically state whether the student has written, or is close to completing, a thesis proposal (or equivalent), and when they expect the student would defend their dissertation if they progress at a typical rate.

Format Requirements

Important Dates