Doctoral Consortium

A Knowledge-based Approach for Summarising Opinions
Marco Bonzanini
Adaptive IR for Exploratory Search Support
Daniel Backhausen
Adversarial Content Manipulation Effects
Fiana Raiber
Building Reputation and Trust Using Federated Search and Opinion Mining
Somayeh Khatiban
Enhancing Knowledge Base with Knowledge Transfer
Si-Chi Chin
Improving E-Discovery using Information Retrieval
Kripabandhu Ghosh
Opinion Influence and Diffusion in Social Network
Gao Dehong
Relevance as a Subjective and Situational Multidimensional Concept
Carsten Eickhoff
Temporal Topic Models in Social Media Retrieval
Tuan A. Tran
Time is of the Essence: Considering Temporal Relevance as an Intent-Aware Ranking Problem
Stewart Whiting