Accepted Short Papers

Term-Mouse-Fixations as an Additional Indicator for Topical User Interests in Domain-Specific Search by Daniel Hienert and Dagmar Kern

On Search Powered Navigation by Mostafa  Dehghani, Glorianna Jagfeld, Hosein Azarbonyad, Alex Olieman, Jaap Kamps and Maarten Marx

Mobile Vertical Ranking based on Preference Graphs by Yuta Kadotami, Yasuaki Yoshida, Sumio Fujita and Tetsuya Sakai

Personalised Search Time Prediction using Markov Chains by Tuan Vu Tran, David Maxwell, Norbert Fuhr and Leif Azzopardi

An Exploration of Serverless Architectures for Information Retrieval by Matt Crane and Jimmy Lin

Robust Standard Deviation Estimation for Query Performance Prediction by Haggai Roitman, Shai Erera and Bar Weiner

The Pareto Frontier of Utility Models as a Framework for Evaluating Push Notification Systems by Gaurav Baruah and Jimmy Lin

Advanced Hidden Markov Models for Recognizing Search Phases by Sebastian Dungs and Norbert Fuhr

Uncovering Like-minded Political Communities on Twitter by Ophélie Fraisier, Guillaume Cabanac, Yoann Pitarch, Romaric Besançon and Mohand Boughanem

Quantization in Append-Only Collections by Salman Mohammed, Matt Crane and Jimmy Lin

Upper Bound Approximations for BlockMaxWand by Nicola Tonellotto and Craig Macdonald

Merge-Tie-Judge: Low-Cost Preference Judgments with Ties by Kai Hui and Klaus Berberich

Evaluating and Analyzing Click Simulations in Web Search by Stepan Malkevich, Ilya Markov, Maarten de Rijke and Elena Mikhailova

An Initial Investigation of Query Expansion Bias by Colin Wilkie and Leif Azzopardi

Towards Learning Reward Functions from User Interactions by Ziming Li, Julia Kiseleva, Maarten de Rijke and Artem Grotov

Benchmark for Complex Answer Retrieval by Federico Nanni, Bhaskar Mitra, Matt Magnusson and Laura Dietz

Detecting Seasonal Queries Using Time Series and Content Features by Behrooz Mansouri, Mohammad Sadegh Zahedi, Maseud Rahgozar and Ricardo Campos

A Contextual Bandit Approach to Dynamic Search by Angela Yang and Grace Hui Yang

Modeling Information Flow in Dynamic Information Retrieval by Felipe Moraes, Mário Alvim and Rodrygo Santos

On the Effectiveness of Bayesian Network-based Models for Document Ranking by Xing Tan, Fanghong Jian and Jimmy Huang

On Fine-Grained Geo-Localisation of Tweets by Jorge David Gonzalez Paule, Yashar Moshfeghi, Joemon M. Jose and Piyushimita Thakuriah

The Treatment of Ties in AP Correlation by Julián Urbano and Mónica Marrero

Enhanced Probabilistic Classify and Count Methods for Multi-Label Text Quantification by Roy Levin and Haggai Roitman

Retrieving Compositional Documents Using Position-Sensitive Word Mover’s Distance by Martin Trapp, Marcin Skowron and Dietmar Schabus

Emotion Detection from Text via Ensemble Classification Using Word Embeddings  by Jonathan Herzig, Michal Shmueli-Scheuer and David Konopnicki 


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