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Submitting Papers For Doctoral Consortium

Please note, the deadline for paper submissions has now passed.


The main idea of the Consortium is to give Doctoral students the opportunity to discuss their PhD thesis proposal with experienced IR researchers and other Doctoral students.

Attendance at the Doctoral Consortium will be based on a written paper, singly authored by the student wishing to attend the Consortium. Abstracts of the papers will be published in the SIGIR Conference Proceedings.

Papers must be submitted electronically, via the Doctoral Consortium Submission System. We can accept papers in either PDF or Postscript. It is the responsibility of authors to ensure that their papers use no unusual format features and are printable on a standard Postscript printer. PDF or Postscript submissions must arrive by February 27, 2004. Submission checklist:

  • Paper describing doctoral research (2-4 pages, 1200-2500 words)
  • Paper formatted as full SIGIR paper including title of the paper, full name of the single author, affiliation and contact details, an abstract of not more than 150 words, and ACM Computing Reviews categories and keywords
  • One page Appendix containing supporting statements by (a) the student and (b) the advisor/supervisor

Further details on the Doctoral Consortium can be found in the Call for Papers.

Content Guidelines

Your paper will be the basis for detailed discussions at the Consortium, and to get the most out of the discussion of your paper should include the following: motivation for the proposed research, background and related work (with key references), description of proposed research including main research questions, research methodology and proposed experiments (where appropriate), and particular issues which you want to highlight for discussion.

In addition, a one page Appendix to the paper should include the following: a detailed statement by the student saying why he/she wants to attend the Consortium; a description of the (IR) research group in which you work (including numbers of faculty and graduate students); and a statement by your advisor/supervisor saying how you would benefit by attending the Consortium. Advisors should also state that the student has written, or is close to completing, a thesis proposal (or equivalent). These statements should be placed in an Appendix after the references.

All papers will be reviewed with respect to overall quality of presentation, the potential for future impact of the proposed PhD research on the field of Information Retrieval, and the likely benefit to the student of attending the Consortium. Given that the abstract will be published, the abstract will be critically reviewed.


Effectively, the same format is used for Consortium papers as for full SIGIR papers. LaTeX and Word templates for SIGIR submissions are available from the ACM Website. The first page must contain the title of the paper, full author name, affiliation and contact details, and an abstract of not more than 150 words, and up to 3 topic areas. Papers should contain up to 2,500 words (with a minimum of 1200 words), should have wide margins, and font sizes must be 10 point or greater. The final version of the paper will have to fit within 2-4 double-column pages in the standard SIGIR format, including all figures and bibliography, so plan accordingly. The Appendix containing the statements by the student and advisor will not be included in the final paper. All correspondence with the author will be through email.

All Consortium paper submissions must include a set of ACM Computing Reviews categories and keywords that describe the contents of the paper. These categories and keywords must appear after the Abstract and before the Introduction. Information about selecting and formatting categories and keywords can be found in ACM Web pages on how to use the computing classification system and in the LaTeX and Word templates.

The Consortium Chair is David Harper (The Robert Gordon University, UK) who can be emailed at

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