Welcome to the ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR) (pronounced “cheer”) which will take place during March 11-15, 2018 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.

CHIIR provides a forum for the dissemination and discussion of research on the user-centered aspects of information interaction and information retrieval. CHIIR focuses on elements such as human involvement in search activities, and information seeking and use in context. The conference represents a merger of two successful past events: the Information Interaction in Context (IIiX) conference and the Human Computer Information Retrieval (HCIR) symposium, which have run since 2006 and 2007 respectively.



October 2017: Full papers has passed. Next up, short papers, demos, tutorials, workshop on Oct. 22.

August 2017: CHIIR planning meeting at SIGIR 2017 conference in Tokyo.

July 2017: Keynote speakers confirmed.

5 May 2017: Call for papers and proposal posted

CHIIR 2018 announced! March 11-15, 2018, in New Brunswick, New Jersey!