Short Papers

Personification of the Amazon Alexa: BFF or a mindless companion?

  • Irene Lopatovska (Pratt Institute)
  • Harriet Williams (Pratt Institute)

Collaborative Information Seeking through Social Media Updates in Real-Time

  • Karthik Bhat (United Nations University Institute for Computing and Society)
  • Andrés Moreno (United Nations University Institute for Computing and Society)
  • Michael L. Best (United Nations University Institute for Computing and Society)

Column Major Pattern: How Users Process Spatially Fixed Items on Large, Tiled Displays

  • Anton Sigitov (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)
  • Oliver Staadt (University of Rostock)
  • André Hinkenjann (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)
  • Ernst Kruijff (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)

Noisy Signals: Understanding the Impact of Auditory Distraction on Web Search Tasks

  • Morgan Harvey (Northumbria University)
  • Matthew Pointon (Northumbria University)

QWERTY: The Effects of Typing on Web Search Behavior

  • Kevin Ong (RMIT University)
  • Kal Jarvelin (School of Information Sciences, University of Tampere)
  • Falk Scholer (RMIT University)
  • Mark Sanderson (RMIT University)

Redesigning a Document Viewer for Legal Documents

  • Adam Roegiest (Kira Systems)
  • Winter Wei (Kira Systems)

Predicting Zika Prevention Techniques Discussed on Twitter: An Exploratory Study

  • Soumik Mandal (Rutgers University)
  • Manasa Rath (Rutgers University)
  • Yiwei Wang (Rutgers University)
  • Braja Gopal Patra (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)

Supporting Information Task Accomplishment: Helpful Systems and Their Features

  • Jingjing Liu (University of South Carolina)
  • Yuan Li (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

How do Information Source Selection Strategies Influence Users’ Learning Outcomes?

  • Chang Liu (Peking University)
  • Xiaoxuan Song (Peking University)

Examining Search: A Study of Doctoral Student Scholarly Workflow

  • Sharon Ince (Seton Hall University Libraries)
  • Christopher Hoadley (New York University)
  • Paul Kirschner (Open University of The Netherlands)

Personalizing Information Retrieval Using Search Behaviors and Time Constraint

  • Chang Liu (Peking University)
  • Jingjing Liu (University of South Carolina)
  • Zengwang Yan (Peking University)

How to evaluate humorous response generation, seriously?

  • Pavel Braslavski (Ural Federal University)
  • Vladislav Blinov (Ural Federal University)
  • Valeriya Bolotova (Ural Federal University)
  • Katya Pertsova (University of Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Investigating Everyday Information Behavior of Using Ambient Displays: A Case of Indoor Air Quality Monitors

  • Sunyoung Kim (Rutgers University)

What sources to rely on? Laypeople’s source selection in online health information seeking

  • Yu Chi (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Daqing He (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Shuguang Han (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Jie Jiang (University of Pittsburgh)

Social aspects of task-based information seeking behavior: the conceptual integration of cognitive sociology and practice theory

  • Eun Youp Rha (Rutgers University)

Strategies for Finding and Evaluating Information about Personal Finance Topics: The Role of Government Information

  • Kathy Brennan (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Diane Kelly (University of Tennessee)

What Information and Learning Scientists Have to Learn from One Another, About Inquiry During Learning

  • Rebecca Reynolds (Rutgers University)
  • Preben Hansen (Stockholm University)

Understanding Music Listening Intents Across Daily Activities and Implications for Contextual Music Recommendation

  • Sergey Volokhin (Emory University)
  • Eugene Agichtein (Emory University)

Term Relevance Feedback for Contextual Named Entity Retrieval

  • Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  • John Foley (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
  • James Allan (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

The Paradox of Personalization: Does Task Prediction Require Individualized Models?

  • Matthew Mitsui (Rutgers University)
  • Jiqun Liu (Rutgers University)
  • Chirag Shah (Rutgers University)

Study of Relevance and Effort across devices

  • Manisha Verma (University College London)
  • Emine Yilmaz (University College London)
  • Nick Craswell (Microsoft)

Active Viewing: A Study of Video Highlighting in the Classroom

  • Samuel Dodson (The University of British Columbia)
  • Ido Roll (The University of British Columbia)
  • Matthew Fong (The University of British Columbia)
  • Dongwook Yoon (The University of British Columbia)
  • Negar Harandi (The University of British Columbia)
  • Sidney Fels (The University of British Columbia)

Exploring Online and Offline Search Behavior based on the Varying Task Complexity

  • Manasa Rath (Rutgers University)
  • Souvick Ghosh (Rutgers University)
  • Chirag Shah (Rutgers University)

A Two-Stage Model for User’s Examination Behavior in Mobile Search

  • Jiaxin Mao (Tsinghua University)
  • Yiqun Liu (Tsinghua University)
  • Noriko Kando (National Institute of Informatics)
  • Zexue He (Beijing Normal University)
  • Min Zhang (Tsinghua University)
  • Shaoping Ma (none)