SIGIR 2020 Student Event

As a community that always welcomes and cares for the student members, SIGIR has been featuring some special student events such as the student get-together event and student luncheon for many years. Although SIGIR 2020 will be a virtual conference, we still want to keep this tradition. So this year we will bring the SIGIR Student Event online with Zoom.

We will invite well-known IR researchers to give a talk as we used to do in a real SIGIR Student luncheon. After that, depending on the number of participants, we will have a panel session or a breakout session to encourage communication between students and senior IR researchers, including the invited speakers, the SIGIR EC members, some senior PC members of SIGIR 2020.

For the convenience of the attendees reside in different time zones, we will organize two sessions of Student Events.

The first session hosted by Prof. Min Zhang and Dr. Jiaxin Mao will start at 21:30 Beijing UTC+8, 22:30 Melbourne UTC+10, 15:30 Amsterdam UTC+2, 09:30 New York UTC-4, 06:30 LA UTC-7, July 26th Sunday. The speakers of the first session will be:

  • Jaap Kamps (University of Amsterdam)
  • Vanessa Murdock (Amazon)
  • Ruihua Song (Microsoft)

The second session hosted by Prof. Diane Kelly will start at 07:00 Beijing UTC+8, 09:00 Melbourne UTC+10, 01:00 Amsterdam UTC+2, July 27th Monday, 19:00 New York UTC-4, 16:00 LA UTC-7, July 26th Sunday. The speakers of the second session will be:

  • Rosie Jones (Spotify)
  • Hideo Joho (University of Tsukuba)
  • Johanne Trippas (University of Melbourne)

If you have any question that you want to ask during the event, you can also submit it via the this form.

We are looking forward to seeing you during SIGIR 2020 and the SIGIR Student Event.

Thanks and best regards,
Min Zhang, Diane Kelly, Jiaxin Mao