Social Programs

SIGIR 2017 invites participants to join the following social programs to make friends, increase awareness, express your views, and have fun! Event times are subject to change.

Social programs are basically free of charge or its cost is included in the registration fee, unless otherwise stated below.

Monday, August 7
18:00-19:00 Women in IR (5F Concord Ballroom C)
The Women in IR is an informal networking group striving for better connection among women in the field and best possible integration of new female members of the community. We invite women as well as active male supporters to our meeting at SIGIR 2017.
19:00-21:00 Welcome Reception (42F and 43F)
SIGIR 2017 attendees are invited to a welcome reception to enjoy chats with friends, colleagues, and other attendees, with drinks and light snacks.
Tuesday, August 8
12:40-14:20 Students’ Luncheon (Students and invitation only, 4F Hana)
The ACM SIGIR executive committee organizes this special event for all students attending the conference. Leading members of SIGIR will act as “table captains” and answer any conceivable question you might have, or provide some words of wisdom and advice based on their experience.

Students’ Get-Together (Universal City)
We welcome **all** SIGIR 2017 registrants to this get-together event. 

DATE: Tuesday, August 8.
TIME: 19:00-22:00
PLACE: Universal City (Kabukicho 1-21-1, Shinjuku)
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Entrance is free for everyone — no matter if student or not. Universal City is an Asian food court with a big Karaoke stage. Impress the SIGIR community with your song and participate in the “Sing a paper title” contest.  A list of SIGIR paper titles will be available on site.

Students, you will get one drink and one snack ticket. Use it to start a conversation! (Don’t drink alone) Drink and snack tickets will be handed out at the Student Luncheon on Tuesday. Make sure you come! More drinks and food can be purchased on site (cash only)

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Wednesday, August 9
12:10-13:50 Diversity & Inclusion Luncheon (4F Hana)
This year, ACM SIGIR executive committee is sponsoring a Diversity and Inclusion Lunch to provide a forum for community members to learn about and discuss issues related to diversity and inclusion. There is no additional charge for this lunch and it is open to everyone.
19:30-22:00 Banquet
Banquet will be held at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, which is located in Bunkyo Area in Tokyo. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is famous for beautiful gardens which were formally established in 1861. You can enjoy wandering through the garden, finding falls, stone lanterns, water mills, traditional wells, a Benkei Bridge, and more, before or during banquet.
Thursday, August 10
12:30-14:30 SIGIR Business Meeting (5F Eminence Hall)
SIGIR 2017 attendees are invited to the annual SIGIR business meeting, which will be coordinated by the ACM SIGIR executive committee. A lunch box will be provided.