The SIGIR 2003 Banquet, Wednesday, July 30th
Buses will leave the Hilton for the banquet site at 6:00 p.m. and 6:40 p.m. SIGIR participants will be whisked along the waterfront to Atlantic Place and the Atlantis Pavilions, a magnificent complex overlooking Lake Ontario with panoramic views of the Toronto skyline and waterfront.

From the bus, you'll walk across a pedway above the water, and be ushered up a ramp to the rooftop patio for a stunning 360 degree view. On a clear day you can see all the way south across the Lake to Buffalo, and at the time of the banquet, if you're really really quiet you might even hear the grunt and groan (did I say that) of the day-long Rolling Stones concert being held in the north of the city. But feast you eyes on the view of downtown Toronto for a classic view -- a photo opportunity -- of the skyline, and don't forget to nibble on the appetizers. Take some time to stroll around the grounds of this mini-oasis on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Dinner will be served in the Deluge room with its 30 foot windows floor to ceiling windows for an unimpeded view of the Toronto skyline and the subsequent sunset.

Enjoy a four course dinner featuring Canadian food and wines, the conversation and camaraderie of your colleagues and some quintessential Canadian hospitality.