July (Special Issue) 2017


Special 2017, Volume 51 Number 2

Table of Contents


Overview of Special Issue

Donna Harman, Diane Kelly (Editors) James Allan, Nicholas J. Belkin, Paul Bennett, Jamie Callan, Charles Clarke, Fernando Diaz, Susan Dumais, Nicola Ferro, Donna Harman, Djoerd Hiemstra, Ian Ruthven, Tetsuya Sakai, Mark D. Smucker, Justin Zobel (Authors), pp 1-25


A study of the overlap between documentation representations

Jeffrey Katzer, Judith Tessier, William Frakes, and Padmini Das-Gupta, pp 26-34

The cluster hypothesis revisited

Ellen M. Voorhees, pp 35-43

A New Theoretical Framework for Information Retrieval

C. J. (Keith) van Rijsbergen, pp 44-50

Automatic phrase indexing for document retrieval

Joel Fagan, pp 51-61

A look back and a look forward

Karen Spark Jones, pp 62-78

Towards interactive query expansion

Donna Harman, pp 79-89

Information retrieval using a singular value decomposition model of latent semantic structure

George W. Furnas, Scott Deerwester, Susan T. Dumais, Thomas K. Landauer, Richard A. Harshman, Lynn A. Streeter, and Karen E. Lochbaum, pp 90-105

Adaptive information retrieval: using a connectionist representation to retrieve and learn about documents

Richard K. Belew, pp 106-115

A library system for information retrieval based on a cognitive task analysis and supported by an icon-based interface

Annelise Mark Pejtersen, pp 116-123

Inference networks for document retrieval

Howard Turtle and W. Bruce Croft, pp 124-147

Scatter/Gather: a cluster-based approach to browsing large document collections

Douglass R. Cutting, David R. Karger, Jan O. Pedersen, and John W. Tukey, pp 148-159

Searching distributed collections with inference networks

James P. Callan, Zhihong Lu, and W. Bruce Croft, pp 160-167

Query expansion using local and global document analysis

Jinxi Xu and W. Bruce Croft, pp 168-175

Pivoted document length normalization

Amit Singhal, Chris Buckley, and Mandar Mitra, pp 176-184

On-line new event detection and tracking

James Allan, Ron Papka, and Victor Lavrenko, pp 185-193

Improved algorithms for topic distillation in a hyperlinked environment

Krishna Bharat and Monika R. Henzinger, pp 194-201

A language modeling approach to information retrieval

Jay M. Ponte and W. Bruce Croft, pp 202-208

The use of MMR, diversity-based reranking for reordering documents and producing summaries

Jaime Carbonell and Jade Goldstein, pp 209-210

Probabilistic latent semantic indexing

Thomas Hofmann, pp 211-218

Information Retrieval as Statistical Translation

Adam Berger, John Lafferty, pp 219-226

An algorithmic framework for performing collaborative filtering

Jonathan L. Herlocker, Joseph A. Konstan, Al Borchers, and John Riedl, pp 227-234

Evaluating evaluation measure stability

Chris Buckley and Ellen M. Voorhees, pp 235-242

IR evaluation methods for retrieving highly relevant documents

Kalervo Järvelin and Jaana Kekäläinen, pp 243-250

Document language models, query models, and risk minimization for information retrieval

John Lafferty and Chengxiang Zhai, pp 251-259

Relevance-Based Language Models

Victor Lavrenko, W. Bruce Croft, pp 260-267

A study of smoothing methods for language models applied to Ad Hoc information retrieval

Chengxiang Zhai and John Lafferty, pp 268-276