Doctoral Consortium

On the Interplay Between Search Behavior and Collections in Digital Libraries and Archives

  • Tessel Bogaard (CWI Centrum Wiskunde Informatica)

Task-based Information Seeking in Different Study Settings

  • Yiwei Wang (Rutgers University)

Contextualizing Information Needs of Patients with Chronic Conditions Using Smartphones

  • Henna Kim (The University of Texas at Austin)

With Maps and Mobs: Searching for Trustworthiness using Belief Spaces

  • Philip Feldman (University of MD, Baltimore County)

Creative Search: Using Search to Leverage Your Everyday Creativity

  • Yinglong Zhang (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

The Moderator Effect of Working Memory and Emotion on the Relationship between Information Overload and Online Health Information Quality Judgment

  • Yung-Sheng Chang (The University of Texas at Austin)

Exploring the effects of social contexts on task-based information seeking behavior

  • Eun Youp Rha (Rutgers University)

Diversity-Enhanced Recommendation Interface and Evaluation

  • Chun-Hua Tsai (University of Pittsburgh)

Serendipity in the Research Literature: A Phenomenology of Serendipity Reporting

  • Carla M. Allen (University of Missouri)

Distant Voices in the Dark: Understanding the incongruent information needs of fiction authors and readers

  • Carol Butler (City, University of London)

Towards Human-Like Conversational Search Systems

  • Mateusz Dubiel (University of Strathclyde)