This year, the SIGIR 2018 program will be accessible using the mobile app Whova. Whova has been used for thousands of events and conferences, and is a way to browse the event agenda, add reminders to attend sessions, network with other attendees, job seeking and posting, find airport rideshare partners, exchange business cards from your phone, and much, much more.

Why Whova?  We decided to make Whova available as an SIGIR 2018 option because we believe it’s a powerful and well-designed app that can provide significant value for attendees who chose to use it.  Note that use of Whova at SIGIR 2018 is entirely optional – we are providing it as a choice for attendees, but important announcements and event information in Whova will always also be available on the main website, the conference program, and/or the usual social media channels.

Also, like almost every other conference app, Whova requests use of multiple permissions on your device (e.g. calendar, camera, photo and file storage, wifi connections, etc.). For example, see the “Permissions” link for Whova on Google Play Store for a summary of permissions that Whova uses.  

Getting started.  If you’d like to use Whova, getting set up is easy:

  1. Download and install the Whova app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).   Click the button below for those links.
  2. Create an account with your e-mail address, or sign in to your pre-existing Whova account if you already have one
  3. Search events for “SIGIR” and enter our secret invitation code (we sent this in the SIGIR 2018 Welcome Guide PDF document in the email titled “Welcome to SIGIR 2018”, or you can get the invitation code at the registration desk, or on the Whova page in your conference bag.)
  4. You’re all done!

Keep up with SIGIR 2018 with the Whova Mobile App

Go to the app portal