SIGIR Symposium on IR in Practice (SIRIP 2014)
(Formerly known as the Industry Track)
Monday, 07 July (SIGIR 2014 Tutorial Day)


The goal of SIRIP is to bring together IR researchers, practitioners, analysts, and consumers and to achieve knowledge transfer across the boundaries. Ideally, everyone goes away with new understanding and at least one new idea to think about or work on. SIRIP will be held on a separate day from the main conference and industry people will be able to register just for it.

Invited Talks

As usual, we will invite industry speakers to talk about interesting real world problems and interesting new technologies or approaches. This year we plan to feature consumers as well as producers of IR technologies. We welcome your suggestions for industry speakers who can guide, challenge or inspire, and who can be trusted not to make sales presentations. You may suggest yourself, and it is entirely permissible to advance your company's interests by talking about interesting problems, and clever research!

Refereed Papers

SIRIP invites submission of short (4-page, in SIGIR format) research papers papers contributing original results obtained in an industry setting or with obvious industry impact. These will be peer reviewed by the Program Committee and published in electronic-only proceedings. We will endeavour to have the proceedings included in the ACM Digital Library. Presentation of accepted papers will either be via short oral presentation or as poster papers.

The number of accepted papers must of necessity be small. Acceptance criteria will include an assessment of likely impact and interest to an industry audience, as well as originality, technical quality and expression. A condition of acceptance in this category is that at least one author attends SIRIP 2014 to present the work.

Please submit papers to

Important dates

25 April 2014: Abstracts due
02 May 2014: Papers due
23 May 2014: Notification
16 June 2014: Final versions due (accepted papers)
07 July 2014: SIRIP 2014

SIRIP 2014 Co-Chairs

Isabelle Moulinier, Thomson Reuters
David Hawking, Microsoft (Bing) and Australian National University
You can contact the co-chairs at