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 About ICTIR

The ACM SIGIR International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval (ICTIR) provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of research related to the foundational aspects of Information Retrieval (IR), including, for example, human search processes, search and recommendation, learning and optimization, language and representations, sensory information, artificial intelligence, ethics and responsibility.


The conference explicitly welcomes tutorials on core IR and any paper on connections between IR and its neighboring disciplines. To accommodate this multidisciplinary focus, ICTIR 2017 is organized around five tracks:


✖ Information retrieval

✖ Human information access

✖ Machine learning

✖ Natural language processing

✖ Perception


Tutorial Proposal Submissions 

Submissions should include tutorial details as well as an extended abstract specifying: 

✖ The title and length of the tutorial

✖ Prerequisite knowledge or skills required

✖ Complete contact information for the organizers along with their brief biography;

✖ Motivation

✖ Objectives

✖ The format and the detailed schedule of the tutorial

✖ Relevance to the ICTIR community

✖ Details of materials to be supplied to attendees  

The submission should be no longer than 4 pages, prepared in standard SIGIR format available from the ACM Conference style. Proposals should be submitted via EasyChair:

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