June 2012


Volume 46 Number 1

Table of Contents


From the Chair
James Allan, p 1

Workshop Reports

Frontiers, Challenges and Opportunities for Information Retrieval: Report from SWIRL 2012
James Allan, Bruce Croft, Alistair Moffat, Mark Sanderson (Eds.), pp 2-32

Report on INEX 2011
P. Bellot, T. Chappell, A. Doucet, S. Geva, J. Kamps, G. Kazai, M. Koolen, M. Landoni, M. Marx, V. Moriceau, J. Mothe, G. Ramirez, M. Sanderson, E. Sanjuan, F. Scholer, X. Tannier, M. Theobald, M. Trappett, A. Trotman, Q. Wang, pp 33-42

Report on BooksOnline’11: 4th Workshop on Online Books, Complementary Social Media and Crowdsourcing
Gabriella Kazai, Carsten Eickhoff, Peter Brusilovsky, pp 43-50

DESIRE 2011 Workshop on Data infrastructurEs for Supporting Information Retrieval Evaluation
Maristella Agosti, Nicola Ferro, Costantino Thanos, pp 51-55

Report on the Fourth Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval (ESAIR ’11)
Omar Alonso, Jaap Kamps, Jussi Karlgren, pp 56-64

PROMISE Winter School 2012 Information Retrieval meets Information Visualization
Maristella Agosti, Tiziana Catarci, Nicola Ferro, Henning Muller, Giuseppe Santucci, pp 65-70

Report on TBAS 2012: Workshop on Task-Based and Aggregated Search
Birger Larsen, Christina Lioma, Arjen de Vries, pp 71-77

Dissertation Abstracts

Federated Search in Heterogeneous Environments
Jaime Arguello, pp 78-79

Enabling Entity Retrieval by Exploiting Wikipedia as a Semantic Knowledge Source
Sofia J. Athenikos, p 80

Evaluating Retrieval Models using Retrievability Measurement
Shariq Bashir, p 81

Theoretical Evaluation of XML Retrieval
Tobias Blanke, pp 82-83

Exploring Topic Structure: Coherence, Diversity and Relatedness
Jiyin He, p 84

Time-aware Approaches to Information Retrieval
Nattiya Kanhabua, p 85

Study of Result Presentation and Interaction for Aggregated Search
Shanu Sushmita, pp 86-87

Finding People and their Utterances in Social Media
Wouter Weerkamp, pp 88-89

Personal Concept Hierarchy Construction
Hui Yang, pp 90-91