June 2007


Volume 41 Number 1

Table of Contents


From the Chair
Jamie Callan, pp 1-3


Privacy Protection in Personalized Search
Xuehua Shen, Bin Tan and ChengXiang Zhai, pp 4-17

On Rank Correlation in Information Retrieval Evaluation
Massimo Melucci, pp 18-33

Presentation Schemes for Component Analysis in IR Experiments
Paul Kantor and Jimmy Lin, pp 34-39

INEX Reports

Evaluating XML Retrieval Effectiveness at INEX
Mounia Lalmas and Anastasios Tombros, pp 40-57

Multimedia Retrieval at INEX 2006
Thijs Westerveld and Roelof van Zwol, pp 58-63

The Use Case Track at INEX 2006
Nils Pharo and Andrew Trotman, pp 64-66

Report on the INEX 2005 Interactive Track
Saadia Malik, Birger Larsen and Anastasios Tombros, pp 67-74

Report on the INEX 2006 Heterogeneous Collection Track
Ingo Frommholz and Ray Larson, pp 75-78

Report on the XML Mining Track at INEX 2005 and INEX 2006
Ludovic Denoyer and Patrick Gallinari, pp 79-91

CIKM Workshop Reports

International ACM Workshop on Contextualized Attention Metadata
Martin Wolpers, Jehad Najjar and Erik Duval, pp 92-95

Report on the 9th International Workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP (DOLAP 2006)
Panos Vassiliadis and Il Yeol Song, pp 96-100

The CIKM 2006 Workshop on Information Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Ivana Podnar Zarko and Fabrizio Silvestri, pp 101-103

Report on ACM Text Mining in Bioinformatics (TMBIO 006)
Min Song and Zoran Obradovic, pp 104-106

TREC and Conference Reports

Overview of the TREC 2006 ciQA Task
Diane Kelly and Jimmy Lin, pp 107-116

First International Symposium on Information Interaction in Context
Peter Ingwersen, Ian Ruthven and Nick Belkin, pp 117-119

Dissertation Abstracts

Federated Search of Text Search Engines in Uncooperative Environments
Luo Si, p 120

Full-text Federated Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Jie Lu, p 121