June 2005


Volume 39 Number 1

Table of Contents


From the Chair
Jamie Callan, pp 1-3

ICDM Invited Presentation

Open source search: a data mining platform
Wray Buntine, pp 4-10

TREC Reports

The TREC robust retrieval track
Ellen M. Voorhees, pp 11-20

Report on the TREC 2004 genomics track
William R. Hersh, pp 21-24

The TREC tetrabyte retrieval track
Charles Clark, Nick Craswell and Ian Soboroff, p 25

CIKM Workshop Reports

The second ACM international workshop on multimedia databases (MMDB 2004)
Shu-Ching Chen and Mei-Ling Shyu, pp 26-30

Report on the 6th ACM international workshop on web information and data management (WIDM 2004)
Alberto H. F. Laender and Dongwon Lee, pp 31-33

Workshop and Conference Reports

Workshop on the evaluation of multimedia retrieval
Thijs Westerveld, Arjen P. de Vries and Franciska M. G. de Jong, pp 34-36

Report on the 27th European conference on information retrieval research (ECIR 2005)
David E. Losada and Juan M. Fernandez-Luna, pp 37-40

INEX Reports

Relevance feedback at the INEX 2004 workshop
Carolyn Crouch, pp 41-42

Report on the INEX 2004 interactive track
Anastosios Tombros, Saadia Malik and Birger Larsen, pp 43-49

The NLP task at INEX 2004
Shlomo Geva and Tony Sahama, pp 50-53

Dissertation Abstracts

Video information retrieval using objects and ostensive relevance feedback
Paul Browne, p 54

Effective web crawling
Carlos Castillo, pp 55-56

Searching and mining the web for personalized and specialized information
Michael Chau, p 57

Polyphonic music retrieval: the n-gram approach
Shyamala Doraisamy, p 58

Two information retrieval learning environments: their design and evaluation
Kai Halttunen, pp 59-60

Variations on language modeling for information retrieval
Wessel Kraaij, p 61

A relational vector-space model of information retrieval adapted to images
Jean Martinet, p 62

Verification of bibliometric methods’ applicability for thesaurus construction
Jesper W. Schneider, pp 63-64

Automatic summarization focusing on document genre and text structure
Yohei Seki, pp 65-67

Automated word sense disambiguation for web information retrieval
Christopher M. Stokoe, p 68

Using generative probabilistic models for multimedia retrieval
Thiijs Westerveld, p 69

Implicit feedback for interactive information retrieval
Ryen W. White, p 70

Aggregated feature video retrieval for MPEG-7 via clustering
Jiamin Ye, p 71