Fall 2002


Volume 36 Number 2

Table of Contents


A Taxonomy of Web Search
Andrei Broder

Challenges in Web Search Engines
Monika R. Henzinger, Rajeev Motwani, and Craig Silverstein

Do TREC Web Collections Look Like the Web?
Ian Soboroff

U.S. Versus European Web Searching Trends
Amanda Spink, Seda Ozmutlu, Huseyin C. Ozmutlu and Bernard J Jansen

Analysis of Papers from Twenty-Five Years of SIGIR Conferences: What Have We Been Doing for the Last Quarter of a Century?
Alan F. Smeaton, Gary Keogh, Cathal Gurrin, Kieran McDonald and Tom S¯dring


Digital Copyright and the Progress of Science (from JCDL 2002)
Jessica Litman

Workshop Reports

Second Edition of the “XML and Information Retrieval” Workshop
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Norbert Fuhr and Yoelle S. Maarek

Information Retrieval and OCR: From Converting Content to Grasping Meaning
Jamie Callan, Paul Kantor and David Grossman

Report on ACM SIGIR Workshop on Mathematical/Formal Methods in Information Retrieval
Sandor Dominich, Mounia Lalmas and C. J. “Keith” van Rijsbergen

Report on the Workshop on Operational Text Classification Systems (OTC-02)
Susan T. Dumais, David D. Lewis and Fabrizio Sebastiani

Cross Language Information Retrieval: A Research Roadmap
Fredric Gey, Noriko Kando and Carol Peters

TREC Genomics Pre-Track Workshop Report
William Hersh

Workshop Report: Usability of Digital Libraries @ JCDL’02
Ann Blandford and George Buchanan

Workshop Report: Visual Interfaces to Digital Libraries at JCDL ’02
Katy Bˆrner and Chaomei Chen

Workshop Report: Digital Gazetteers – Integration into Distributed Digital Library Services
Linda Hill

Summary of Workshop on Document Search Interface Design at the JCDL’02
Javed Mostafa

Dissertation Abstracts

Risk Minimization and Language Modeling in Text Retrieval
ChengXiang Zhai