Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Conference Human Information Interaction and Retrieval

March 7

0900-1700 - Doctoral consortium

1000-1230 - Tutorial 1: Interactive Search in Video & Lifelogging Repositories by Frank Hopfgartner (University of Glasgow) and Klaus Schoeffmann (Klagenfurt University, Austria)

1330-1600 - Tutorial 2: Building Cost Models of Information Interaction & Retrieval by Leif Azzopardi (Strathclyde University)

1800-2000 - Welcome reception, Oslo City Hall

March 8

0900-0930 - Opening

0930-1030 - Keynote: Modeling interactive information retrieval as a stochastic process by Norbert Fuhr (Introduction by Ragnar Nordlie)

1030-1100 - Break

1100-1230 - Session 1: Studying Users (Session chair: Diane Kelly)

  • User Interests in German Social Science Literature Search – A Large Scale Log Analysis by Daniel Hienert
  • SearchGazer: Webcam Eye Tracking for Remote Studies of Web Search by Alexandra Papoutsaki, James Laskey and Jeff Huang
  • The Art and Science of Asking Questions in Interactive Information Retrieval Research (Perspectives paper) by Heather O'Brien and Lori McCay-Peet

1230-1330 - Lunch

1330-1500 - Session 2: Visualisation and Browsing (Session chair: Ian Ruthven)

  • Something is Lost, Something is Found: Book Use at the Library Shelves by George Buchanan and Dana Mckay
  • Orchestral Manouevres: Design Implications of the Physical Mechanics of Library Shelf Browsing by Dana Mckay, Shanton Chang and Wally Smith
  • Visual Re-Ranking for Multi-Aspect Information Retrieval by Khalil Klouche, Tuukka Ruotsalo, Luana Micallef, Salvatore Andolina and Giulio Jacucci

1500-1530 - Break

1530-1700 - Session 3: Seeking and Tasks (Session chair: Katriina Byström)

  • User Behaviour and Task Characteristics: a Field Study of Daily Information Behaviour by Jiyin He and Emine Yilmaz
  • Evaluating the Value of Lensing Wikipedia During the Information Seeking Process by Orland Hoeber, Anoop Sarkar, Andrei Vacariu, Max Whitney, Manali Gaikwad and Gursimran Kaur
  • Exploration or Fact-Finding: Inferring User's Search Activity Just in Time by Michael Kotzyba, Tatiana Gossen, Johannes Schwerdt and Andreas Nuernberger

1700-1715 - Break

1715-1800 - Short paper Boaster session (Session chair: Birger Larsen)

1800-2000 - Poster session

March 9

0900-1000 - Keynote: Engaging in information interaction by Ann Blandford (Introduction by Daniel M. Russell)

1000-1030 - Break

1030-1200 - Session 4: Design Issues (Session chair: Andreas Nürnberger)

  • What Snippet Size is Needed in Mobile Web Search? by Jaewon Kim, Paul Thomas, Ramesh Sankaranarayana, Tom Gedeon and Hwan-Jin Yoon
  • Structure-Aware Visualization of Text Corpora by Jaspreet Singh, Sergej Zerr and Stefan Siersdorfer
  • A Theoretical Framework for Conversational Search (Perspectives paper) by Filip Radlinski and Nick Craswell

1200-1300 - Lunch

1300-1430 - Session 5: Search Dynamics (Session chair: Catherine L. Smith)

  • Investigating Users’ Time Perception during Web Search by Cheng Luo, Yiqun Liu, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma and Xue Li
  • Understanding Ephemeral State of Relevance by Jiepu Jiang, Daqing He, Diane Kelly and James Allan
  • The Tetris Model of Resolving Information Needs within the Information Seeking Process (Perspectives paper) by Max Wilson

1430-1500 - Break

1500-1630 - Session 6: Social Signals (Session chair: Jaap Kamps)

  • Fresh and Diverse Social Signals: any impacts on search? by Ismail Badache and Mohand Boughanem
  • Identifying Opportunities for Valuable Encounters: Toward Context-Aware Social Matching Systems (TOIS paper) by Julia M. Mayer, Quentin Jones, Starr Roxanne Hiltz
  • Bad Users or Bad Content? Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Finding Struggling Students in Community Question-Answering by Long Le, Chirag Shah and Erik Choi

1900-2400 - Conference dinner (Ekebergrestauranten)

March 10

0930-1030 - Keynote: CSS and user-adapted web presentation by Håkon Wium Lie (Introduction by Nils Pharo)

1030-1100 - Break

1100-1230 - Session 7: Searching and Learning (Session chair: Jacek Gwizdka)

  • Making Sense of Online Science: Exploring “Bias” in the Search Engine Result Page by Alamir Novin and Eric Meyers
  • Learning From the News: The Role of Story, Multimedia and Interest in Knowledge Retention by Heather O'Brien, Jocelyn McKay and Jacob Vangeest
  • Supporting Critical Thinking and Creativity in Search (Perspectives paper) by Soo Young Rieh

1230-1330 - Lunch

1330-1530 - Session 8: Personal Information Management and Collaborative Search (Session chair: Robert Capra)

  • Self-Es: The Role of Emails-to-Self in Personal Information Management by Horatiu Bota, Paul Bennett, Susan Dumais and Ahmed Hassan Awadallah
  • Large-Scale Analysis of Email Search and Organizational Strategies by Kanika Narang, Susan Dumais, Nick Craswell, Dan Liebling and Qingyao Ai
  • An Interface for Supporting Asynchronous Multi-Level Collaborative Information Retrieval by Nyi Nyi Htun, Martin Halvey and Lynne Baillie
  • How Can We Better Support Users with Non-Uniform Information Access in Collaborative Information Retrieval? by Nyi Nyi Htun, Martin Halvey and Lynne Baillie

1530-1600 - Break

1600-1700 - CHIIR it Forward & Wrap Up (Session chair: Nicholas Belkin)

March 11


0900-1230: Second Workshop on Supporting Complex Search Tasks

Organizers: Nick Belkin (Rutgers University); Toine Bogers (Aalborg University); Jaap Kamps (University of Amsterdam); Diane Kelly (University of Tennessee Knoxwille); Marijn Koolen (Huyingens ING, Amsterdam); Emine Yilmaz (University College, London)

1330-1700: NeuroIIR: Challenges in Bringing Neuroscience to Research in Human-Information Interaction

Organizers: Jacek Gwizdka (School of Information); Javed Mostafa (Info. Science & BRIC UNC at Chapel Hill)

1330-1700: Second International Workshop On the Evaluation of Collaborative Information Seeking and Retrieval (Ecol'17)

Organizers: Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow); Jeremy Pickens (Catalyst Repository Systems); Chirag Shah (Rutgers University); Laure Soulier (Sorbonne Universités, UPMC); Lynda Tamine (Université de Toulouse UPS IRIT)