SESSION: Keynote Address

Modeling Interactive Information Retrieval as a Stochastic Process
Norbert Fuhr

Engaging In Information Interaction
Ann E. Blandford

CSS and User-Adapted Web Presentations
Häkon Wium Lie

SESSION: Paper Session: Studying Users

User Interests in German Social Science Literature Search: A Large Scale Log Analysis
Daniel Hienert

SearchGazer: Webcam Eye Tracking for Remote Studies of Web Search
Alexandra Papoutsaki James Laskey Jeff Huang

Asking "Good" Questions: Questionnaire Design and Analysis in Interactive Information Retrieval Research
Heather L. O'Brien Lori McCay-Peet

SESSION: Paper Session: Visualization and Browsing

Something is Lost, Something is Found: Book Use at the Library Shelves
George R. Buchanan Dana McKay

Manoeuvres in the Dark: Design Implications of the Physical Mechanics of Library Shelf Browsing
Dana McKay Shanton Chang Wally Smith

Visual Re-Ranking for Multi-Aspect Information Retrieval
Khalil Klouche Tuukka Ruotsalo Luana Micallef Salvatore Andolina Giulio Jacucci

SESSION: Paper Session: Seeking and Tasks

User Behaviour and Task Characteristics: A Field Study of Daily Information Behaviour
Jiyin He Emine Yilmaz

Evaluating the Value of Lensing Wikipedia During the Information Seeking Process
Orland Hoeber Anoop Sarkar Andrei Vacariu Max Whitney Manali Gaikwad Gursimran Kaur

Exploration or Fact-Finding: Inferring User's Search Activity Just in Time
Michael Kotzyba Tatiana Gossen Johannes Schwerdt Andreas Nürnberger

SESSION: Paper Session: Design Issues

What Snippet Size is Needed in Mobile Web Search?
Jaewon Kim Paul Thomas Ramesh Sankaranarayana Tom Gedeon Hwan-Jin Yoon

Structure-Aware Visualization of Text Corpora
Jaspreet Singh Sergej Zerr Stefan Siersdorfer

A Theoretical Framework for Conversational Search
Filip Radlinski Nick Craswell

SESSION: Paper Session: Search Dynamics

Investigating Users' Time Perception during Web Search
Cheng Luo Xue Li Yiqun Liu Tetsuya Sakai Fan Zhang Min Zhang Shaoping Ma

Understanding Ephemeral State of Relevance
Jiepu Jiang Daqing He Diane Kelly James Allan

The Tetris Model of Resolving Information Needs within the Information Seeking Process
Max L. Wilson

SESSION: Paper Session: Social Signals

Fresh and Diverse Social Signals: Any Impacts on Search?
Ismail Badache Mohand Boughanem

Bad Users or Bad Content?: Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Finding Struggling Students in Community Question-Answering
Long T. Le Chirag Shah Erik Choi

SESSION: Paper Session: Searching and Learning

Making Sense of Conflicting Science Information: Exploring Bias in the Search Engine Result Page
Alamir Novin Eric Meyers

Learning From the News: The Role of Topic, Multimedia and Interest in Knowledge Retention
Heather O'Brien Jocelyn McKay Jacob Vangeest

SESSION: Paper Session: Personal Information Management and Collaborative Search

Self-Es: The Role of Emails-to-Self in Personal Information Management
Horatiu Bota Paul N. Bennett Ahmed Hassan Awadallah Susan T. Dumais

Large-Scale Analysis of Email Search and Organizational Strategies
Kanika Narang Susan T. Dumais Nick Craswell Dan Liebling Qingyao Ai

An Interface for Supporting Asynchronous Multi-Level Collaborative Information Retrieval
Nyi Nyi Htun Martin Halvey Lynne Baillie

How Can We Better Support Users with Non-Uniform Information Access in Collaborative Information Retrieval?
Nyi Nyi Htun Martin Halvey Lynne Baillie

SESSION: Short Papers

Information Sharing and Search Collaboration Activities of Health Consumers in South East Asia
Anushia Inthiran

Query Reformulation Patterns of Mixed Language Queries in Different Search Intents
Hengyi Fu

Automatic Summarization of Domain-specific Forum Threads: Collecting Reference Data
Suzan Verberne Antal van den Bosch Sander Wubben Emiel Krahmer

Accidentally Successful Searching: Users' Perceptions of a Digital Library
Sanna W. Kumpulainen Heli Kautonen

User Click Detection in Ideal Sessions
Mustafa Zengin Ben Carterette

Personalised Query Suggestion for Intranet Search with Temporal User Profiling
Thanh Vu Alistair Willis Udo Kruschwitz Dawei Song

Goal-Directed Information Seeking in Time-Synchronized and Topic-Linked Records of the Apollo Lunar Missions
Tiffany Jachja Oard W. Douglas

Towards Identifying User Intentions in Exploratory Search using Gaze and Pupil Tracking
Thomas Low Nikola Bubalo Tatiana Gossen Michael Kotzyba André Brechmann Anke Huckauf Andreas Nürnberger

'Too Much Serendipity': The Tension between Information Seeking and Encountering at the Library Shelves
Shermaine Waugh Dana McKay Stephann Makri

Strangers in a Strange Land: A Study of Second Language Speakers Searching for e-Services
David Brazier Morgan Harvey

Visual Analysis of Dyslexia on Search
Andrew MacFarlane George Buchanan Areej Al-Wabil Gennady Andrienko Natalia Andrienko

Relationships between Age, Domain Knowledge and Prior Knowledge Pre-activation on Information Searching
Mylène Sanchiz Aline Chevalier Wai-Tat Fu Franck Amadieu

Perceptions of the Effect of Fragmented Attention on Mobile Web Search Tasks
Morgan Harvey Matthew Pointon

Manipulating the Perception of Credibility in Refugee Related Social Media Posts
Johannes Aigner Amelie Durchardt Thiemo Kersting Markus Kattenbeck David Elsweiler

Focus Paragraph Detection for Online Zero-Effort Queries: Lessons learned from Eye-Tracking Data
Christin Seifert Annett Mitschick Jörg Schlötterer Raimund Dachselt

A Process Model of Scholarly Media Annotation
Liliana Melgar Marijn Koolen Hugo Huurdeman Jaap Blom

Web-Retrieval Supported Argument Space Exploration
Marcus Thiel Philipp Ludwig Till Mossakowski Fabian Neuhaus Andreas Nürnberger

Using Topic Models to Assess Document Relevance in Exploratory Search User Studies
Alan Medlar Dorota Glowacka

A Structural Equation Model of Information Retrieval Skills
Emi Ishita Yosuke Miyata Shuichi Ueda Keiko Kurata

Categorization of Known-Item Search Terms in a TV Archive
Anne-Stine Ruud Husevåg

How Do People Interact in Conversational Speech-Only Search Tasks: A Preliminary Analysis
Johanne R. Trippas Damiano Spina Lawrence Cavedon Mark Sanderson

Discerning the Quality of Questions in Educational Q&Ausing Textual Features
Manasa Rath Long T. Le Chirag Shah

Scroll up or down?: Using Wheel Activity as an Indicator of Browsing Strategy across Different Contextual Factors
Chang Liu Jiqun Liu Yiming Wei

Evaluation of the Comprehensiveness of Bar Charts with and without Stacking Functionality using Eye-Tracking
Falk Böschen Benjamin Strobel Steffen Goos Christoph Liebers Bastian Rathje Ansgar Scherp

I Can and So I Search More: Effects Of Memory Span On Search Behavior
Jacek Gwizdka

What Do You Mean Exactly?: Analyzing Clarification Questions in CQA
Pavel Braslavski Denis Savenkov Eugene Agichtein Alina Dubatovka

Time Limits, Information Search and the Use of Search Assistance
Anita Crescenzi Robert Capra Jaime Arguello

Investigating Information Seekers' Selection of Interpersonal and Impersonal Sources
Yiwei Wang Shawon Sarkar Chirag Shah

Sketching Dynamic User-Item Interactions for Online Item Recommendation
Takuya Kitazawa

Designing Search Tasks for Archive Search
Jaspreet Singh Avishek Anand

Identifying Useful and Important Information within Retrieved Documents
Piyush Arora Gareth J.F. Jones

Telling How to Narrow it Down: Browsing Path Recommendation for Exploratory Search
Mostafa Dehghani Glorianna Jagfeld Hosein Azarbonyad Alex Olieman Jaap Kamps Maarten Marx

Incorporating Task Analysis in the Design of a Tool for a Complex and Exploratory Search Task
Tugba Kulahcioglu Dmitriy Fradkin Sridharan Palanivelu

Analysis of Children's Queries and Click Behavior on Ranked Results and Their Thought Processes in Google Search
Jacek Gwizdka Dania Bilal

Do Highlights Affect Comprehension?: Lessons from a User Study
Samuel Dodson Luanne Freund Rick Kopak

Slide Over Here: The Various Adjacencies of Co-borrowed Ebooks
Dana McKay George R. Buchanan

Skip or Stay: Users' Behavior in Dealing with Onsite Information Interaction Crowd-Bias
Seyyed Hadi Hashemi Jaap Kamps

SESSION: Doctoral Consortiums

Exploring the Role of Named Entities in Automatic Indexing
Anne-Stine Ruud Husevåg

Investigating Mobile Social Media Users? Behaviors in Tourism Collaborative Information Seeking
Jannatul Fardous Jia Tina Du Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo Songshan (Sam) Huang

Automatic Simulation of Users for Interactive Information Retrieval
Maram Hassan Barifah

WebSAIL: Computer-based Methods for Enhancing Web Search Literacy
Ioannis Karatassis

A Generative Framework to Query Recommendation and Evaluation
Matthew Ryan Mitsui

Using Information Foraging Theory to Understand Search Behavior in Different Environments
Kevin Ong

Missing Information in the Classroom and Misinformed by the Crowd: Developing Analytical Skills for Understanding Online Controversies
Alamir Novin

The Long Term Effects of Search Query Examples on the Search Behaviours of Non-native Users of Government E-Services
David Brazier


Interactive Search in Video & Lifelogging Repositories
Frank Hopfgartner Klaus Schoeffmann

Building Cost-Benefit Models of Information Interactions
Leif Azzopardi


Second International Workshop On the Evaluation of Collaborative Information Seeking and Retrieval (Ecol'17)
Leif Azzopardi Jeremy Pickens Chirag Shah Laure Soulier Lynda Tamine

Second Workshop on Supporting Complex Search Tasks
Nicholas Belkin Toine Bogers Jaap Kamps Diane Kelly Marijn Koolen Emine Yilmaz

NeuroIIR: Challenges in Bringing Neuroscience to Research in Human-Information Interaction
Jacek Gwizdka Javed Mostafa